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cuss a blue streak

Rur. to curse a great deal. When she dropped the brick on her toe, she cussed a blue streak. Bill could cuss a blue streak by the time he was eight years old.
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cuss someone out

to curse at someone. Dad cussed me out for losing the money he gave me. The little kid cussed out his brother, shocking his grandmother.
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not give a tinker's cuss

  (British & Australian old-fashioned) also not give a tinker's damn (American old-fashioned)
to not be interested in or worried about something or someone (often + question word) I don't give a tinker's cuss what she thinks, I'll do what I want! He's never given a tinker's damn for me, or for any of the family.
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In a society still stuck in gender- specific roles and behaviour cuss words are used as a badge of belonging
Cuss says she cannot provide details on the new formula except to add that the new fund is part of the Liberals' $1 billion research commitment over the next four years, which will include research related to cancer, fuel cell technology, alternative energy, medical devices and commercialization.
Together with Malaysia Airports, SITA has installed 12 CUSS kiosks in this initial phase with 24 more to follow over the next few months.
Acton then cut out a cross-shot from Bambrook while at the opposite end Collins shot into the side-netting from an acute angle and the midfielder then brought out a sprawling parry by Cuss at the foot of the post with a downward header following Staff's centre.
Within a minute of the restart Macauley hit a rising drive from 30-yards that Cuss did well to tip over and from the resulting corner Ryan Bowen's header was desperately scrambled off the goalline by Andy Wilson.
O'Connor, president of the Cuss Control Academy and author of CUSS CONTROL, the Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing.
With the CUSS kiosks, they will be able to do check-ins for their flights from 24 hours up to 50 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight and get printouts of their boarding passes, prior to moving to the designated area to drop their luggage.
Mr Cuss said: "It was a well-considered meeting and lots of people had good ideas of how the plans could be progressed.
CUSS kiosks usually come as standard with a touch screen for passenger interaction, card (or passport) reader to verify passenger identity and a printer for boarding pass and receipts.
Alan Bailey scored his first goal for the club since joining from Burton Albion, breaking clear and lobbing over keeper Paul Cuss.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cuss Control Academy in Northbrook, Illinois, is now offering programs to companies to reduce the use of bad language in the workplace.
The launch of these new services began with 14 CUSS kiosks going live in May-2013.
Jeremy Cuss, Labour candidate for the Golcar ward, believes that increasing the stops on the Leeds-Huddersfield-Manchester line is the way forward to reduce congestion on the M62 and the resulting pollution and stress for road users.
The deal marks the first time any ground handling company has deployed its own common-use CUSS kiosks for its airline customers.
Joining the ranks of such Segue partners as Qwest, IBM Global Services and Spherion -- the newest SilkElite members represent the US, Germany, France, Spain and the UK, and include: EYT, CUSS, Beta Breakers, Corillian, ExpertiLog, Metodos Y Tecnologia, Quality Assurance Associates, Qwest Internet Solutions, T-Plan and Testhouse.