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cushy job

A job that is easy, stress free, and/or very well paid. Since I got this cushy job managing a toy store, I've gotten to sit around playing with toys all day. Since Sarah got that cushy job with the bank, she has been driving a sports car and is buying a second home!
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a cushy ˈnumber

(British English) an easy job; a pleasant situation that other people would like: Sarah’s new job sounds like a right cushy number — she only has to go to the office three days a week. Cushy means ‘easy’ or ‘pleasant’ and comes from Hindi.
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mod. soft; easy. (From cushion.) That’s a cushy kind of life to lead.
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Ferguson opted to contract Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Tooshie Cushy to potential licensees for a 2 year period under the terms of the Product Management Services Agreement.
Sticky fingers: Duff, above, at home last week and, inset, cushy Kilmarnock Prison
I managed to take off without terror, get the plane easily into cruising mode and bring us in for a (fairly) cushy landing.
Designed by Content by Conran, the Pillow Talk sofa offers a cushy take on the modern streamlined sofa.
Zena plans to carry on her work as a hairdresser, while Steve gives up his cushy job in a drawing office for life as a carpenter.
Sir, - If past experience has anything to go by, Stephen Byers will soon be enjoying the benefits of a cushy job in the heart of Europe.
In exchange for representing the interests of the various corporations in the ministries that are supposed to supervise them, they're offered cushy, remunerative board positions after they retire.
Could you get me a nice cushy job like watching the compass?
We were voyeurs, and culturally superior ones at that, looking down from above, surveying "thugs" and "warlords" from the supposedly advanced evolutionary vantage point of our cushy sofas.
Still, a cushy consulting job in Santa Monica wasn't quite enough for the deposed generalissimo.
Cushy makes Web designers' work more efficient and productive by enabling them to delegate basic content editing to non-technical users, without giving up control over a Website's information architecture.
AN animal rights fanatic caged for a campaign of terror has bragged about her cushy life at a Midland prison.
As the councillors cut back the workforce and the men have to do the work of their unemployed colleagues, their job could only be described as cushy by an ignoramus who could no't compose a message on a birthday card.
The 61-year-old,right,combined apowerful lawnmower with a cushy recliner to make a machine which can travel at 20mph.
These were prisoners who have a history of escaping from lawful custody, and the prisoners did not take the opportunity or plan to escape because, we believe, life is so cushy in the prison system," he said.