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beside the cushion

Unimportant. A digression. Oh, that's beside the cushion. Let's get back to the main topic.
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miss the cushion

To fail in some way. The phrase is similar in meaning and use to "miss the mark." I felt confident going into the interview, but I think I really missed the cushion, judging by the recruiter's facial expressions.
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cushion the blow

To ease the pain or stress of something unpleasant. When my daughter had to get a shot at the doctor's office, I tried to cushion the blow by telling her we would go out for ice cream afterward.
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cushion/soften the ˈblow

make something unpleasant seem less unpleasant and easier to accept: When he lost his job he was offered a cash payment to soften the blow.
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There are four study tables with eight chairs, a countertop with three computers and chairs, one adjustable table with two computers and two chairs, four cushiony chairs, one ottoman, and two small coffee tables.
Cushiony, toothsome and significantly scorched as it was, my bread was not as puffy and wonderful as I imagined it would be.
Khozashvili, a spectacular addition to the BB roster, has buoyant leaps that land with cushiony softness.
While carpets provide a warm, cushiony surface for children who like to play on the floor, they can also release dust and fumes that cause sniffles, headaches, asthma and other health problems.
Applied to dry skin, it is easy to wash off with water, leaving your face with a smooth, cushiony finish and feeling instantly refreshed.
This healthy and delish dish is also delightfully simple: Sear sushi-grade tuna in a spicy blend of soy sauce, ginger, cilantro, lime and honey, and snuggle atop a cushiony Challah bun.
A standard hospital mattress, with six or more inches of foam, is pliable and cushiony.
The super cushiony shoe provides one with a feeling of walking on a sandy beach.
The cushiony soft palate is lifted, creating a full, rich sound.
FACT: While arthritis is more common as you age, thanks to the impact of time on the cushiony cartilage that prevents joints and bone from rubbing against one another, age itself doesn't cause arthritis.
The quality of life one can obtain in Bahrain is extremely high especially compared to Europe, and it's hard to leave such a cushiony atmosphere.
Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, occurs when the cushiony cartilage between two bones wear out and the bones begin to rub against each other in the joint (the area where two bones come together).
The penthouse tenants' lounge picks up the gold plating in the lobby but adds some red touches, cushiony seating, a fireplace and a breakfast area that will serve a complimentary morning meal daily.
I'll ask, as I lay in my comfortable cotton trough, separated from the outside world by cushiony, double-stitched walls.
They uplift when you are feeling down, provide melodies with a velvet cushiony softness and combine personal intimacy with astute technical know-how.