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Heidelberg lies at the mouth of a narrow gorge--a gorge the shape of a shepherd's crook; if one looks up it he perceives that it is about straight, for a mile and a half, then makes a sharp curve to the right and disappears.
Beginning in June, Samsung will bring the curve to life on billboards with a striking version of the Samsung Curved UHD TV.
Thus, it is sometimes preferable to focus on using the yield curve to predict a discrete event: whether or not the economy is in recession.
What if a stylist wants that curve to invoke the feeling of acceleration or tension, sharpness or softness?
The software applies a third order polynomial fit curve to the measured curve in order to yield more consistent absorption numbers.
Because the curve is based on sound concepts and industry standards (tempered by institutional experience), a facilities director can use the curve to demonstrate both today's need and the needs over the next five years.
This causes the first-temperature-up curve to tend to have a slope, even though it is expected to be the baseline with hysteresis.
One may conclude that the outer lanes of the track would require less centrifugal force, since the runner has less of a curve to negotiate.
In high schools, for example, during the freshman and sophomore years, we would expect the normal curve to follow rather precisely.
Should the economics profession continue this awkward practice of using the term demand curve to mean two rather different things depending on whether it applies to a product or factor market?
Four items--the hopper, end cap, nozzle and screw tip--are designed around a logarithmic curve to improve material flow, both of pellets into the modling machine and of melt after the screw tip.
offer curve to its inelastic portion (beyond point B).
To find its radius, Krause first established the points where he wanted the curve to begin and end.
During the fourth quarter, rising short-term interest rates caused the US yield curve to steepen approximately 40 basis points (a basis point is 1/100 of a percent).
Signs of a recovery unfolding and the Federal Reserve's move to a neutral bias caused the Treasury curve to flatten during the quarter.