curtsy to

curtsy to (one)

To bow before one in a show of respect or deference. I curtsied to the headmistress when she handed me my diploma.
See also: curtsy

curtsy to someone

[for a woman] to dip or bow in deference to someone. Of course, I curtsied to the queen! Do you think I'm an anarchist? The little girls curtsied after they did their dance number.
See also: curtsy
References in classic literature ?
There was hardly a bedroom in the house where feminine compliments were not passing and feminine toilettes going forward, in various stages, in space made scanty by extra beds spread upon the floor; and Miss Nancy, as she entered the Blue Room, had to make her little formal curtsy to a group of six.
com/watch-meghan-markles-first-public-curtsy-royal-custom-explained-2632872) first curtsy to the queen, which according to Grant Harrold, a royal butler, was too low, (http://www.
We built Curtsy to provide a great experience for college students.
LITTLE Harley Inns beams with pride, with her tragic big brother's medals pinned to her lapel, as she prepares to curtsy to the Queen.
Maybe Barry is uptight because Alex didn't curtsy to Her Majesty ?
But Williams refused to confirm whether she would, as protocol dictates, curtsy to the Queen if she was scheduled to play on Centre Court during her visit.
Until 2003 protocol dictated that players should bow or curtsy to the royal box before games began, but this was dropped at the request of the Duke of Kent, the president of the All England Club.
As regards it not being acceptable to bow or curtsy to anyone, in this modern day it is people like you who object to showing respect to anyone.
Well how about a rare pat-on-the-back over claims in a new book that the Royal Family loathe her because she's republican, anti-hunting, allergic to corgis and won't curtsy to the Queen.
While we continue to bow and curtsy to Mrs Windsor and while there is a social divide wedged open by Mrs Windsor we will never have a democracy.
While we continue to bow and curtsy to Mrs Windsor, and while there is a social divide wedged open by Mrs Windsor, we will never have a democracy.
Good old British values took a bashing recently when it was announced that tennis players at Wimbledon, that epitome of Britishness, would no longer be required to bow or curtsy to the Royal Box.
The removal of the ``Royal Highness'' title, which separates the royal family from the rest of British nobility, officially obliges Diana to curtsy to others who have it - her ex-husband, for instance, and even her own children.
Meghan Markle's first royal curtsy to Queen Elizabeth II was highly publicized on Christmas Day, but one publication is claiming that the former actress did it incorrectly.