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From behind the shaking curtains came one volley of invective.
he muttered, at last, motioning with his head towards the curtain.
From beyond the curtain came a titter of children and women that grew into a roar and drowned out the voices of Dick and Daisy.
He was suspicious of the curtain itself and observed it.
She drew the curtain, and Margaret uttered a cry of despair.
Before entering it I examined the curtain-cord of the window and found that I had only to release it from its fastening with my fingers for the curtain to fall by its own weight and hide the square of light from Rouletabille--the signal agreed upon.
There was a Turkey carpet upon the floor which matched the curtains, but to his surprise there was not a single chair of any sort to be seen.
And with this, and a profound bow to his patrons, the Manager retires, and the curtain rises.
In justice to myself, I noiselessly arranged the curtains so that I could both see and hear.
But the curtain screened it, as you can see, and so it never occurred to me.
There were curtains to Phoebe's bed; a dark, antique canopy, and ponderous festoons of a stuff which had been rich, and even magnificent, in its time; but which now brooded over the girl like a cloud, making a night in that one corner, while elsewhere it was beginning to be day.
Well, as I was saying about the parlor, there was beautiful curtains on the windows: white, with pictures painted on them of castles with vines all down the walls, and cattle coming down to drink.
They described the drawing-room window-curtains of one of the houses on this side of the way, and this part of the street, as being the handsomest and best hung of any in Bath, but could not recollect the exact number, and I have been trying to find out which it could be; but I confess I can see no curtains hereabouts that answer their description.
The drawing-room curtains at Windy Corner had been pulled to meet, for the carpet was new and deserved protection from the August sun.
Then he put on her clothes, dressed himself in her cap laid himself in bed and drew the curtains.