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Curries and curried flavoured foods are everywhere, even Pringles has just launched a new curried flavour snack.
Recommended items: Batter-coated mahi mahi, Punjab curried chicken breast, lamb cooked in an iron pot, salmon curry, Punjabi assorted sizzling meats, tandoor-roasted lamb chops, creamy spinach and cheese mixture, naan four ways, raita, firni (cold rice custard).
But the kitchen is disappointingly cautious if you ask for any curried dish spicy hot but not fiery: It's likely to arrive either medium to mild in spicy heat or less.
An innovative approach to a curried creation is Hefter's outstanding Chicken and Shrimp Stir-Fry in Coconut Curry Sauce.
75), to gratifying curried chicken, beef or mushrooms ladled onto a generous portion of rice ($6.
Like Japanese spaghetti parlors - Tokyo likes Italian food as well - the curried food is simple and inexpensive, homey-proletarian rather than haute fare.