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give currency (to something)

to spread a story around. (With a negative if there is doubt about what is said.) I can't give any currency to anything Ralph Jones says. We give no currency to those stories. His actions gave currency to the rumor that he was about to leave.
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Then the Currency Detector OEM market and Currency Detector production market status is discussed.
The equity pool consisted of both the earnings of the QBU and contributed capital, and was maintained in the functional currency of the QBU.
To me, these are much more important things to do than opening tip the currency regime prematurely.
The Coalition noted that four Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan) increased their foreign currency reserves by $250 billion during the first six months of 2004 by buying dollars in an effort to maintain undervalued levels for their currencies.
Counterfeiting has been kept at low levels through a combination of improvements in security features, aggressive law enforcement, and education efforts to inform the public about how to check their currency.
The pegging of the Chinese currency, the yuan, to a fixed rate of exchange with the U.
As this scene exploded in Bangkok, hundreds of young currency traders jabbered into their telephones around the world selling baht to anyone who would buy.
In Ireland, which will be part of the euro zone, a group calling itself ``Citizens for Keeping the Irish Punt'' demands officials ``break the link with the euro and re-establish a national currency.
Bartering networks, local exchange trading systems and radical approaches like locally - instead of federally - issued currency allow one to largely sidestep dollar bills and credit cards.
On the other hand, this currency can't be costly to produce.
If an organization maintains accounts receivables or payables in a foreign currency or has an office in a foreign country with expenses and revenues recorded in that country's currency, it will need an accounting system powerful enough to accommodate this.
The issuer is a special purpose vehicle incorporated with limited liability in the British Virgin Islands and its only assets consist of up to US$750 million of perpetual dual currency notes (the dual currency notes) issued by New Sunward Holding Financial Ventures B.
This external laissez-faire stance is justified economically for each of the three major currency issuers--the United States, Japan, and the eurozone--since the exchange rate does not have a significant effect on domestic price levels or growth rates until large misalignments are sustained.