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curly dirt

 and house moss; slut's wool
puffs of dirt and dust. How long has it been since you swept under this bed? There's a mountain of curly dirt under here! No one's been in this room for an age. Look at all the cobwebs and curly dirt. She was a terrible housekeeper. House moss collected in all the corners of her rooms.
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have somebody by the short and curlies

  (very informal) also have somebody by the short hairs (very informal)
to have complete power over someone They've got us by the short and curlies. We have no choice but to agree.
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n. a bald person, almost always a male. (Also a jocular term of address.) Well, Curly, looks like you got your dome sunburned!
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But it characterizes all the different degrees of curliness of a hair and describes mathematically how the properties of the curl change along the arc length of a hair, he said.
But see also the 1862 letter of his friend Eugene Lefebure suggesting to Mallarme, in a comic vein, the "slight opposition" in the work, as well as in the curliness of the hair, between the two poets : "J'ai remarque une ressemblance curieuse entre votre portrait et celui de Tennyson, le doux Tennyson, dont la poesie, je crois, est un peu le contraire de la votre.
Beyonce Knowles takes her curly hair from sporty to sexy by glamming up braids and adjusting the curliness of her weaves and extensions.
I do think my portrait looks like me, although a few people said the artist didn't quite capture the curliness of my hair.
A You can't do anything much about the curliness of your pubic hair.
Spanish goats are mostly shorthaired, with occasional curliness being acceptable in individual animals.