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curly dirt

 and house moss; slut's wool
puffs of dirt and dust. How long has it been since you swept under this bed? There's a mountain of curly dirt under here! No one's been in this room for an age. Look at all the cobwebs and curly dirt. She was a terrible housekeeper. House moss collected in all the corners of her rooms.
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have somebody by the short and curlies

  (very informal) also have somebody by the short hairs (very informal)
to have complete power over someone They've got us by the short and curlies. We have no choice but to agree.
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n. a bald person, almost always a male. (Also a jocular term of address.) Well, Curly, looks like you got your dome sunburned!
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Showcasing the Latest Industry Development in Soldier Equipment and Technology - Mr Patrick Curlier (SAGEM/SAFRAN, France), Mr John Foley (Thales), Mr Olaf Aul (Rheinmetall Electronics), Mr Richard Cross (BAE Systems)
Curlier, Justice Taschereau held that the Massachusetts law, as the law of the matrimonial domicile, governed the marital regime between the plaintiff and his injured wife.
She is clothed, as Godiva is not, but they both have a mane of hair curlier than that of Mallarme, as curly as Tennyson's own, the poet in drag.
08 nanometer farther apart than those in the curlier tails.
The wife of Duke of Cambridge, who is six and a half months pregnant, sported a curlier hairdo than the one she usually models.
It's lightweight enough for the finer textures, yet effective on thicker and curlier textures.
My hair is curlier and darker than it used to be and I'm still overweight because of the effect of the steroids they gave me when I was on chemotherapy, but I'm getting back to normal," she said.
Some might say the wheels came off My Family years ago but still it bowls along unstoppably while Daniela Denby-Ashe and Zoe Wanamaker get blonder, curlier and ever more theatrical.
At more or less the same time, Marcia also started to develop a lighter complexion and her hair also began to get blonder and curlier.
Shelley - with a new blonder, curlier hairdo - is ostensibly back to be fitted for her bridesmaid's dress for mum Bev's wedding.
She had been told it might grow back curlier, as happens with some patients after chemo, so she's delighted that it's so straight.
Gillian has found her hair is growing back curlier than before and seems to be a different texture.
Kate, who's married to the very lucky and even curlier Welshie Michael Sheen, says Lily is already saying pants instead of trousers and elevators instead of lifts and she just can't stand it.
When your hair first grows back you may find it is curlier or finer than it was before and it may be a different colour, but be patient as hair will gradually become thicker.
But in America a curlier Kate is in a replica of the Alexander McQueen gown she wore at a BAFTA do in Los Angeles last year.