curl hair

curl (one's) hair

To shock or terrify someone. That horror movie sure curled my hair—I could not sleep for a week! Geez, don't sneak up on me like that, you're gonna curl my hair!
See also: curl, hair

curl someone's hair

 and make someone's hair curl
Fig. to frighten or alarm someone; to shock someone with sight, sound, or taste. Don't ever sneak up on me like that again. You really curled my hair. The horror film made my hair curl.
See also: curl, hair
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For natural waves, use the largest barrel attachment to curl hair in sections.
Hair gets the royal treatment with the introduction of the Royal Curl hair care line under The Hain Celestial Group's Queen Helene brand.
Because of the pure titanium design, the Revlon Titanium needs just one pass to straighten or curl hair, and leaves hair healthier and shinier because it also emits negative ions.
Lee: "To add a little looser movement and give a bit of just-got-out-of-bed appeal, curl hair around some big fat tongs.
This method is an accurate predictor of a new formula's ability to curl hair.
Curl hair around the barrel to create messy waves just like Jen's.
Wash and dry using a blow-dry lotion for texture, then curl hair all over and roll into a horizontal French twist, pinning underneath.
Most people use their straighteners to curl hair, but the effect you get with the curlers should change all that.
Blow-dry hair smooth and curl hair using heated rollers.
He then set about curling my hair into lovely, soft waves with tongs (you can also use straighteners to curl hair too).
Use an iron to curl hair in sections, starting with the bottom.
Curl hair with a medium-barrel iron (hold perpendicular to make spirals).
Newcastle College students cook superb meals for a discerning public, provide beauty and holistic treatments, cut, dye and curl hair and even paint nails at a nail bar.
While most girls curl hair from the bottom up, Francky suggests just the opposite.