cupboard is bare

cupboard is bare

1. Literally, there is no or very little food in the house. Often pluralized. I wish I had something to offer you to eat, but we haven't done our grocery shopping this week, and I'm afraid the cupboards are bare.
2. By extension, resources—especially money—are very tight or nonexistent. Often pluralized. The government has promised to help alleviate the strain on those out of work, but I don't know how it will accomplish that when its own cupboards are bare. The school district's cupboard is bare after federal funding was cut by 20%.
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the cupboard is bare

If the cupboard is bare, everything has been used and there is nothing available. The cost of supporting these countries means that the international community's cupboard is bare.
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the ˌcupboard is ˈbare

(British English) used to say that there is no money for something: They are seeking more funds but the cupboard is bare.This expression refers to a children’s nursery rhyme about Old Mother Hubbard, who had nothing in her cupboard to feed her dog.
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I consider that the Scots have a right to the oil and the money it generates, because people like Cameron and Osborne wont stick up to the EU and tell them the cupboard is bare here.
I have applied for a grant to cover this event but the cupboard is bare.
The cupboard is bare, the people crave a General Election and that promised referendum on the thinly disguised European Constitution.
Many of us, especially urban dwellers, spend lives of quiet desperation, mindlessly stroking our cats that sleep 18 hours a day and offer little in the way of menace, save for the scary moment when the cupboard is bare of canned cat food and the nearest market is boarded up for the night.
The truth of the matter is that while Beckham and Sven do their Old Mother Hubbard routine, the cupboard is bare of jars labelled Convenient Excuses (just add water), the England rugby team can look at their employers with enquiring looks.
Her response is to tell him that the cupboard is bare.
If you go to the cupboard and the cupboard is bare, it's going to be very difficult to satisfy new demands," said Green.
While pharmacists understand that the burden must be shared by all interests to help states meet their fiscal responsibilities, many also warn that the cupboard is bare, that cuts being made will jeopardize patient well-being in long term care facilities.
Asking parents to save or spend money on routine medical care for their children when the rent is due and the cupboard is bare will ultimately doom SDHPs to failure.
On Tuesday, the cupboard is bare, while Wednesday brings the final releases of the week with initial jobless claims, weekly crude inventories, and the University of Michigan consumer sentiment revision.
She sits by the fireside embers are low it won't be long now and your daddy will show but time passes by as she watches the clock I wish he'd come home and not stay down the Docks he's probably drinking with his workmates, the fool, I've had enough of his working to rule there's no food on the table the cupboard is bare he's stuck in the alehouse he doesn't care.
Cameron faces a reality check at next week's Tory conference where his empty slogans and showbiz tricks will look shallow when his policy cupboard is bare.
Linebackers: The leadership here has graduated, and the cupboard is bare.
It is tempting to siphon off transportation money in tough times, but when he and the Legislature look at reality, they will recognize that the transportation cupboard is bare and that shortchanging transportation will hinder the state's economic recovery by killing jobs, hindering goods movement, reducing tax revenues and reducing mobility.
I like the Obamas but a state visit when the cupboard is bare is not on.