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culture hero

A person, either real or mythical, who embodies or is seen as the foundation of the cultural values or achievements of a society, group of people, or period of time. Karl Marx became both a villain to those opposed to Communist ideology and a culture hero for those who embraced the ideals of Socialism. Mythical figures such as Cúchulainn and historical figures like Brian Boru have long been held as culture heroes in Ireland.
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culture shock

A sudden feeling of confusion or surprise when confronted by an unfamiliar situation or cultural environment. It is often a huge culture shock for American women traveling to the Middle East when they are expected to wear head scarves and be accompanied by a man at all times.
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culture vulture

Someone who has an avid interest in the arts. Helen is quite the culture vulture. She attends the theater at least once a month.
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culture vulture

someone whom one considers to be excessively interested in the (classical) arts. She won't go to a funny film. She's a real culture vulture. They watch only highbrow television. They're culture vultures.
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a culture shock

feelings of being confused or surprised that you have when you are in a country or social group that is very different from your own The first time she went to Japan, Isabel got a huge culture shock.
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a culture vulture

someone who is very keen to see and experience art, theatre, literature, music etc. She's a bit of a culture vulture. She'll only visit places that have at least one art gallery.
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culture shock

A state of confusion and anxiety experienced by someone upon encountering an alien environment. For example, It's not just jet lag-it's the culture shock of being in a new country. This term was first used by social scientists to describe, for example, the experience of a person moving from the country to a big city. It is now used more loosely, as in the example. [Late 1930s]
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culture vulture

An individual with a consuming or excessive interest in the arts. For example, A relentless culture vulture, she dragged her children to every museum in town. This slangy term may have been originated by Ogden Nash, who wrote: "There is a vulture Who circles above The carcass of culture" ( Free Wheeling, 1931). [1940s]
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1. n. an avid supporter of the arts. Many culture-vultures seem to be long on enthusiasm and short on taste.
2. n. someone who exploits the arts for monetary gain. Some culture-vultures are throwing a wine and cheese party on behalf of some of the young dolts they have grubstaked.
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