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In the time that culturally relevant pedagogy was first introduced, it has been the basis for countless studies and has, in Ladson-Billings' own words, taken on a life of its own (Ladson-Billings 2014, 82).
Despite the apparent popularity of culturally relevant pedagogy, I have grown increasingly dissatisfied with what seems to be a static conception of what it means to be culturally relevant.
According to Leininger, [14] knowledge of meanings and practices of diverse cultures is vital to guide nursing decisions and actions in providing culturally congruent care.
15] This is evident in Leininger's theory of cultural care diversity and universality in caring for the culturally different, which epitomises this discourse.
For instance, since African-Americans are most likely to be both culturally open and influential, the report recommends that marketers target them for cross-over initiatives.
New Zealand European nurses who qualified before 1990 appeared to have a culturally safe approach to working with Maori.
For some Maori nurses, their empathy went further, as they, too, had experienced culturally unsafe care at the hands of non-Maori colleagues.
Prior to leaving class in September, candidates were presented with an anonymous survey that would provide us with a baseline of their confidence level in culturally responsive teaching.
The strategies were then ranked by the same experts according to importance or value in promoting a culturally sensitive learning experience.
Coupled with that, some teachers' ideological dispositions frame students of color as intellectually and culturally inferior.
As mentioned earlier, culturally responsive teaching seeks to view individual cultures as assets while looking to incorporate those cultures in the classroom curriculum, instruction, environment, and/or discourse.
Three years later, little attention, if any, has focused on the concept of racially, culturally, and linguistically (RCL) responsive research.
Today, even though much has been written about culturally responsive teaching, I am often surprised to find that the notion of culturally responsive teaching does not resonate with urban teachers and when it does, they do not know how to teach their specific subjects from that pedagogical stance.
In her study of eight successful teachers of African American students, Ladson-Billings (1994) attributed their effectiveness to what she called culturally relevant pedagogy.
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