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culturally advantaged

Euph. rich; upper-class. I can't deny I had a culturally advantaged upbringing. The charity appealed to culturally advantaged people to donate time and money to those less fortunate.

culturally deprived

 and culturally disadvantaged
Euph. poor; lower-class. Joe is working at a summer camp for culturally deprived children. Jane grew up in a culturally disadvantaged neighborhood.
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During the fair, several high-quality supporting activities were held: activities supporting youth cultural creative design talent by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance, Authorization of Animation Derivatives, Yiwu-Beijing Art Design Poly Auction, Yiwu International Esports Tournament and China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Index Release.
East Brookfield: East Brookfield Cultural Council, $4,250
A few years ago, there were specialized writers for cultural issues," Al-Moqri said.
The course aimed at enhancing the cultural unity amongst the GCC countries and supporting their political, cultural, social, economic, media and educational march through activating the role of the civil community institutions, particularly the cultural institutions to serve the common goals of the GCC cultural strategy, in addition to promoting the GCC cultural forms of exchange as it is an element of fraternity within the one region, as well as an element of convergence with other cultures, in addition to enhancing the cultural role of woman and child cultural programmes.
During the next five-year period, the partnership between the Culture Ministry and stakeholders in the sector will be strengthened in order to achieve a national comprehensive cultural growth and boost a cultural policy based on decentralization.
Within the libertarian milieu, there is a tension between political libertarians, whose chief concern is limiting and reversing the expansion of the state and its powers, and social or cultural libertarians, whose central interest is maximizing individual opportunities and freedom of choice.
In a letter Friday to VCC President and CEO Jim Kinsey, Zine repeatedly expressed his ``frustration'' and ``disappointment'' with the Department of Cultural Affairs.
For example, Wilson (2005) noted in a longitude study that a very small percentage of teams were not successful reaching learning goals and a small number of highly competent individuals found themselves worse off: Could the problems of collaborative learning be explained by cultural orientations?
Although the author is an historian whose analysis is based primarily on an historical account of cultural change in Europe over the last 50 years, there is much in this book that sheds light on the way American consumerism is an integral part of the multi-dimensional globalization process.
The exhibition presents fifty-three new projects, with an in-depth look at six featured installations--the New Museum of Contemporary Art on the Bowery, the renovation of the Bronx Zoo Lion House, the new Administrative and Visitors' Center at the Queens Botanical Garden, the Weeksville Heritage Center Education Building and Interpretive Landscapes, the restoration of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center Music Hall on Staten Island, and the transformation of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts--that illustrate the influence of the arts industry and innovative architecture on the revitalization of institutions, neighborhoods and our city.
Whitewashed Adobe is a cultural and ethnic history of Los Angeles but is not necessarily about Mexicans, as Deverell admits.
Cultural diversity is a significant feature of the social context in which career development and work behavior occur (Sue, Parham, & Santiago, 1998).
Therapists are cautioned not to over--or under-emphasize cultural variables in their work with culturally different children (Kerl, 1998; Sue & Sue, 2003).