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cull the herd

1. Literally, to separate or remove (and usually kill) inferior animals out of a herd so as to reduce numbers or remove undesirable traits from the group as a whole. We had to quickly cull the herd when it came to light that some cows might be carrying an infectious disease.
2. By extension, to separate or remove people from a larger group. With so many people applying for a limited number of jobs, employers have had to cull the herd by introducing much stricter criteria and a more elaborate application for hiring. Universities have long used standardized test results as a means of culling the herd of applicants they receive each year.
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cull (someone or something) out of (something)

To remove someone or something from a group. We were so determined to win the science bowl that we culled everyone who seemed susceptible to stage fright out of the team.
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cull someone or something out of something

 and cull someone or something out
to eliminate someone or something from a group. We will cull the older pigeons out from the flock. They culled out the slower runners from the team.
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n. a socially unacceptable person. This place is so filled with culls! Let’s split.
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I think there's opportunity there," says Culler, "but the business is changing so rapidly, technology is changing so rapidly, the needs in the marketplace are changing so rapidly.
The moonlighting literature supports this idea because moonlighting activity has been found to be related to moonlighting wage rate (Lakhani & Fugita, 1993; Bazzoli & Culler, 1986; Culler & Bazzoli, 1985; Shisko & Rostker, 1976; Lakhani, 1995), labor market constraints (Allen, 1998), supplemental salary (Smith & Cooper, 1967), spouse work status (Buch & Swanson, 1986; Miller & Sniderman, 1974; Jamal & Crawford, 1981; Smith & Cooper, 1967; Lakhani, 1995), spouse's job hours (Krisnan, 1990), and other sources of income (Miller, Presley & Sniderman, 1973).
The banality of making explicit what is already known would appear to be endemic to any attempt to catalog strategies or conventions of interpretation, and Culler himself, one of the most respected theorists of this branch of audience-response criticism, has not escaped it.
Culler inadvertently provides an example of his own, when he imagines a man cursing a late bus in the rain: "'Come on, damn you
Culler said the committee takes its job very seriously and doesn't make recommendations for reimbursements lightly.
In his example, Culler seems to mean that we will read statements about people who have a sunny disposition, or the ways a mind can cloud over with confusion.
Water Culler At Municipality Compound, Station Bazar, Bhanjpur Market Complex, Mpk Girls High School Boundary, Kc Circle, Badbazar And Palbani Under Baripada Municipality.
According to Scott Culler, NAPSLO legislative committee co-chair and regional president, Markel Wholesale, NAPSLO saw three major NRRA state uniformity victories this year.
Media interested in attending should contact Jessica Culler at 650-604-4789 or jessica.
The text has been called "the best intro to literary studies on the market" by Jonathan Culler of Cornell University, and "exceptionalaextremely well-written and original" by Phillip Martin of De Montfort University.
Later a bloated balloon version of one-time svelte footballer John Barnes didn't look good on the dance floor with partner Nicole Culler.
They generally perform the loading of sorted glass culler and facility processing systems and maintain incoming material on our tip floors," FCR Mid-Atlantic Regional Operations Manager Steve Gray, who works out of Camden, N.
Because NCHRP Project 4-31 will be addressing the use of aggregates from reclaimed HMA and PCC pavements, it will focus on recycled materials such as glass culler, steel slag and construction/demolition (C&D) aggregates.
A proposal is given for what an introductory structuralist curriculum could look like featuring the work of Jonathan Culler, Terence Hawkes and Roland Barthes.
They posted a fine 2-1 Group A win at top flight Greelies thanks to goals from Colin Rogers and Chris Culler, who also spurned a penalty opportunity.