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And if you are cuddled, there is more of a chance of you cuddling your children.
But cuddling lowers blood pressure and stress, and releases a hormone that creates happiness.
The most popular cuddling locations were the sofa, armchair and bed - and women tended to enjoy it more than men.
There are different kinds of cuddling positions, but I typically always start out spooning and I am pretty small, so usually I'm the little spoon," the New York Daily News quoted her, as telling free daily Metro, when her business opened earlier this summer.
Meanwhile the other girls were in a tight knot together, all cuddling like old friends.
The pictures of both David and Victoria cuddling up to their youngest son came after the former Spice Girls star revealed in a recent interview that there's nothing her children like more than a cuddle with their parents, the Daily Mail reported.
According to the study conducted by Silentnight, a staggering 32 percent of UK females admit they can't stand cuddling when in bed, but force themselves into a clinch to avoid upsetting their partner.
A new research has indicated that the frequency of cuddling is a far better indicator of the strength of a relationship than having sex.
Isabel was frank when she admitted she enjoying cuddling some "cute guys", although not happy that Bob had managed to track her down and give her "nature's thumbs-up".
After-sex cuddling reflects a woman's natural desire to extend this physical fulfilment.
HANDS DOWN: She throws herself into a cartwheel; ROLLING OVER: Natalie takes a turn; HANDS UP: Natalie's set for a spin; GIDDY: Cuddling up with lover Daniel Johns in Malibu
com)-- Local business owner Mary Tucker has launched a crowd-funding campaign to open The Holding Company, Richmond, Virginia's first professional cuddling salon.
Eugenie Bouchard has revealed that she had a cuddling moment with top-ranked female tennis athlete Serena Williams.
He said: "We've had a great response and we've had up to 13 people in the creche cuddling the kittens and cats.
Embracing technology THE power of cuddling is well-documented: it releases a chemical called oxytocin, which reduces stress, relieves pain, boosts your immune system, and generally makes you feel awesome.