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cuddle up

(to someone or something) and cuddle up (with someone) to nestle or snuggle close to someone or something to get warm or to be intimate. Let's cuddle up to the warmth, near the fireplace. She cuddled up with him and went to sleep.
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cuddle up with a (good) book

 and curl up (with a (good) book)
to snuggle into a chair or bed comfortably to read a book. I want to go home and cuddle up with a good book. She went home and curled up with a good book.
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cuddle up

(with someone) Go to cuddle up (to someone or something).
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cuddle bunny

n. a female lover. All you want is a cuddle bunny with big tits! Grow up, Maxwell Wilson!
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She has never left her darkened room and has just one human to cuddle - and drink her blood - until one day Tabby tires of opening her veins.
Clients who have experienced her cuddle sessions disagree.
Cuddles, who was nominated by his young owners Charlotte and Sam Halliday, beat his fellow finalists chosen by the judging panel and went on to receive the most votes from readers of the Echo.
Families in the North Wales area whose babies have been cared for in the SCBU have benefited enormously from the dedicated work carried out by Cuddles.
So in my desperate state I was just about to break open the Jammy Dodgers in exchange for a cuddle when something wonderful happened.
One day in the bush of the Rift Valley, Cuddles started chasing butterflies and became lost.
The latest is the Cuddle Party, it's like a sleep over with cuddles and absolutely no sex.
Since Cuddles is compact, she can go everywhere Dan goes.
On the contrary when adults withdraw from social contact or ration cuddles, young children are at greater risk in the future because they will then be emotionally needy.
He is about 10 years old and would enjoy a quiet home with lots of cuddles and a fire to lie in front of.
Cuddles is training to become the world's first guide horse for the blind.
The centre has attracted a few regular volunteers and one of them is Rosalyn Byrne, who pops in for kitten cuddles every Thursday.
CUDDLES was taken into the animal hospital as a stray by one of our officers.
A spokeswoman said: "He looks a bit battered but that's because he's been given so many cuddles over the years.
And scientists revealed that only one in six cuddles between couples usually lead to sex, the Daily Mail reported.