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cloud-cuckoo land

A state or realm of unrealistic and idealized fancy, beyond the realms of possibility. Often preceded by "live/be in." He's always got some harebrained schemes on how to fix the world, all of them right out of cloud-cuckoo land! If Tom thinks he'll be able to live off his bad poetry, he's living in cloud-cuckoo land!
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be in cloud-cuckoo land

To believe in or be absorbed by unrealistic, idealized, and/or fanciful ideas that are beyond the realms of possibility. If Tom thinks he'll be able to live off his bad poetry, he's in cloud-cuckoo land!
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cuckoo in the nest

Someone in a group who is seen as different and ostracized by his or her peers. Since Sam always got good grades and never got in trouble, he was seen by his unruly peers as a cuckoo in the nest.
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a cuckoo in the nest

someone who is part of a group of people but different from them and not liked by them For Peter, his new father was a cuckoo in the nest.
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live in cloud-cuckoo land

to believe that things you want will happen, when really they are impossible Anyone who thinks this project will be finished within six weeks is living in cloud-cuckoo land.
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cloud-cuckoo land

An idealized mythical domain, as in That idea about flying cars is straight out of cloud-cuckoo land. This expression originated as a translation from the Greek of Aristophanes' play The Birds, where it signifies the realm built by the birds to separate the gods from humankind. It came into use in the 1820s. During the 19th century it began to be used for a place of wildly fanciful dreams, unrealistic expectations, or the like, and it also acquired the connotation of "crazy" (from cuckoo, slang for "crazy" since about 1900). Also see la-la land; never-never land.
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and cuckoo
1. mod. unconscious. I socked him on the snoot and knocked him coo-coo.
2. mod. insane. How did I ever get involved in this cuckoo scheme, anyway?



Cloud Cuckoo Land

A nonexistent place of perfection, a utopia. This phrase comes from The Birds by the Greek dramatist Aristophanes, in which the birds decide to build a perfect city called Cloud Cuckoo City. Over the years “City” became “Land.”
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David the cuckoo flew 3,000 miles, from Ceredigion to Chad <B
THERE has been national gloom at the few numbers of cuckoos seen in Britain this year, as evidenced recently by the BBC Springwatch team.
The event was established to highlight the local legend that discovering the first cuckoo of the year signalled spring had begun.
The cuckoo, which looks like a hawk when spotted in flight, is known for laying its eggs in other birds' nests.
At the study site, the Striped Cuckoo lays a single egg in the host nest.
In addition to their new line of beer steins and their exquisite cuckoo clocks, Cuckoo for Clocks also carries weather houses and barometers.
Fans of Taylor, who was frequently half-dressed when he played werewolf Jacob in the Twilight films, will be pleased to know it's only 20 minutes before he takes his shirt off in Cuckoo.
Defense by cuckoo chicks of carrion crow nests at high risk of predator attack could be the first example of a parasitic bird's benefit to its host, says Daniela Canestrari, an ecologist at the University of Oviedo in Mieres, Spain.
This is based on triangulated positions (n = 2) collected for an individual cuckoo on the same day that its cast transmitter was found and the position of the transmitter could be confirmed with a UTM position.
We oppose the listing of the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, as we believe there is inadequate scientific basis for such a listing and it has the potential to reduce economic activity in the affected region," Lauren Willis, a spokeswoman for the comptroller's office, said in a statement.
Scott Cuckoo, 30, bought and sold ecstasy over the internet from his flat.
The elusive cuckoo used to be common and widespread across Britain but numbers have plummeted, especially in the south and east.
Cuckoo (BBC Three, Tuesday, 10pm) | IF it's worth doing, it's worth doing well; a motto the BBC clearly works by every time it commissions a new comedy.
The common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) lays its eggs in the nests of other birds.
A nestling yellow-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus) of unknown sex was found at the base of a tree, unable to fly, and subsequently was presented to the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana.