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SEPARATED at birth: loopy Apprentice crybaby Jo Cameron and Eric Stolz from The Mask?
AFTER her humiliating performance at the 1999 Oscars, it is no surprise world-class crybaby Gwyneth Paltrow makes it to No 90 on 3am's Top 100 Most Irritating People list.
Screaming crybaby Jade looked odds on to get the nod eight days ago, but her conominee Lynne ended up walking - after stroppily demonstrating that she can't take her ale.
Almost entirely set in the training camp of the titular club, supervised by icily elegant Gaea Japan prez Yuka Sugiyama and run with military ruthlessness by strapping pro wrestler Chigusa Nagayo, film largely focuses on the continuing efforts of crybaby trainee Saika Takeuchi to pass her final tests.
But crybaby cop Ellie Miller is growing ever closer to her former boss.
Clarke said Quinn was a crybaby and that the Maple Leafs were trying to hide an injury suffered by defenseman Danny Markov.
One pal explained: ''Gwyneth felt that she was beginning to get a reputation as a bit of a crybaby and a prima donna.
Until we ended up with feeble finalists Mark "cougher" Wright and crybaby Bianca "Westminister" Miller.
Nikki'' stars Nikki Cox as a leggy (and everything else-y) Vegas chorine at a dismal hotel revue and Nick von Esmarch as her bulky husband, an aspiring TV wrestler grappling under the moniker The Crybaby.
On the celebrity barrel-scrape scale, they actually dipped below Z-list with the inclusion of crybaby gay nobody Henry Conway.
There was no question; no one was ever gonna break, no one was gonna be a crybaby, we knew what we were getting in for.
You'd need a heart of stone not to be profoundly moved as TOWIE tool Ricky Ridiculous and crybaby Jessica Wrong discussed their rocky relationship.
Lots of crybaby stuff,'' DeShane said of Kirk, who was added to the varsity team as a sophomore, though the decision was not simply because of ability.
Lauren telling crybaby Mark Wright: "I love you but I don't like you.
Thrill to the end-ofthe-pier show as implausible pimp Rob plunged to his watery grave after a fight to the death with crybaby Whitney's brother Ryan.