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There's a world of difference between letting your baby cry for five minutes to see if they'll settle and letting them get really distressed.
Most experts agree that how long you let your baby cry for is a matter of common sense.
NEWBORNS: Very young babies cry for food, so feed them before they wake up crying, says Chireal Shallow, founder of Naturally Nurturing.
Did rock too hard, though, a couple of times and got a very shrill cry for rough handling.
All of us responsible members of society cry for children who have been cheated out of having fathers.
Babies cry for a variety of reasons, including hunger and thirst, being hot or cold, wanting attention, tiredness, discomfort and pain.
IF you don't respond, he'll cry for longer, continuing until he gets the attention that he needs.
Often crying occurs in the late afternoon or early evening, when your baby may cry for as long as half an hour.