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Nasal secretions may sometimes block baby's nose, which might cause noisy breathing and irritability leading to excessive cry.
If she was in a writing tutoring session, for example, she would cry because the tutor would then assure her that her writing was good.
Even if Jeremiah and the psalmists view themselves to be among the sinful, it should not be surprising that they could cry out in lament in some specific case of suffering without accompanying that cry by a confession of sin.
An educator who read A Teacher's Cry said helping young people to make it on their own emotionally and financially is one of the unsung ways in which teachers give to our kids long after the classroom doors close.
Who scored nil points for Cry Baby in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest?
According to research led by Jonathan Rottenberg, a fifth-year graduate student in psychology, depressed men and women are no more likely to cry than nondepressed ones when they watch a tear-jerking movie clip.
Her reply: "I not only cry at weddings, I cry when I'm in my car and an unknown wedding party drives by honking.
It is perhaps a good test -- the last time we cried, what did we cry for?
Interviewed for a poll, veteran Clint Eastwood replied: "Did I cry when I saw The Bridges of Madison County?
It smells good like chicken and I try to see if the chicken is brown not black but Dani yanks my arm and I scream at her and cry because she's hurting my arm.
TRAVELMATE and Far Cry, the 9-2 joint favourites, fought out a thrilling finish to the Foster's Lager Northumberland Plate at Newcastle yesterday.
On Wednesday, Trevan continued to cry and also started to follow me around.
My children have seen me cry, and they have seen me stop crying after they released their slight but comforting arms from around me and told me they love me and that I look ugly crying.
She desperately looks at the oranges lying in the street--fewer of them every second--and then she stares at the face of her five-year-old man, hugs him, and begins to cry.
Like most men, from the time I was a young boy, I was taught not to cry.