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the crux of the matter

The focal, central, or most important element of a topic, problem, or issue. Over the course of this trial, the prosecution intends to get to the crux of the matter regarding this company's shady financial dealings.
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*the crux of the matter

 and *the root of the matter;
See also: crux, matter, of

crux of the matter

Also, heart of the matter. The basic, central or critical point of an issue. For example, In this trial the bloodstains represent the crux of the matter, or We think the second clause is the heart of the matter. Although crux is Latin for "cross," in English it means "difficulty" or "puzzle," and it is from the latter that this expression is thought to be derived. The variant employs heart in the sense of "a vital part" (as it is in the body). The first term dates from the late 1800s, the variant from the early 1500s.
See also: crux, matter, of
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Teresa Hanafin, a 29-year veteran of the Globe, will be the editor of Crux.
Our goal is to offer the world's best beers to our customers [and] Crux fills that bill perfectly," said Gregg Christiansen, CEO of Columbia Distributing.
The CRUX family of inverters is specifically designed for harsh conditions, with strong attention given to weight and size concerns within military vehicles; they supply critical power in the smallest possible package.
We hear quite a bit from guests visiting from out of town that they wish they could get some of our more experimental brews only available in our tasting room," says Paul Evers of Crux.
The Crux VCF is an important development in the prevention of recurrent PE.
We have a great teacher, which is the crux of it,'' she said.
The mobiles, in particular, effect the sort of perceptual oscillation between macro and micro that is at the crux of any properly Kantian excavation of worldly deep structure.
What happens when past secrets are revealed is the crux of this story.
Thus, he introduces his approach to the Hamlet productions (the Almeida Theatre Company, 1995, and the Shakespeare Repertory, 1996) by commenting upon the theatrical possibilities inherent in the textual crux of Fortinbras' last speech, "Take up the bodies" ("body," F), and makes an elegant transition into a meditation on the significance of the loss of transubstantiation for sixteenth-century English Protestants.
came up with a list of topics for a proposed council of all the world's bishops to address: the shortage of priests, the status of women in church and society, the role of laity in the church, marriage and remarriage after divorce, relations with Orthodox churches, and the relationship between moral values and democracy and civil laws, reports CRUX of the News.
Adds Williams: "The crux of the movie for me was defining that relationship [between Sebastian and Henrietta], finding out what was real about it and how the labels that are attached to it were irrelevant.
The crux of the issue here, is the county is footing the bill for a sex offender?
Simultaneous invocation and deconstruction is at the crux of Walker's strategy.
The crux of the plan was educating the shareholders, who were not financial experts, that their debt wasn't increasing with the second loans, but that their financial responsibility was simply being transferred from the underlying mortgage to their shares.