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The man raised his crutch in the air to stand up for himself, but Townsley snatched it from him and began circling him, hitting him to the legs with the crutch several times.
I panicked and quickly jumped on to stage waving the crutch and telling the sound guy to stop the music.
They then clashed again outside and Stevenson wielded his crutch.
Since crutch use changes the center of gravity, the crutch tips were placed in standardized positions on the force platform such that the velocity of sway was calculated within a theoretical center of gravity with the different types of crutches.
Ms Des Landes added: "It's not usually the case that someone deliberately holds on to a crutch.
It made me wonder if the single crutch that other street people can be seen carrying in this city has another purpose, as an aid to begging perhaps, and has no actual link to a physical disability.
But during a long afternoon of escorting the President past photographers, the crutch was nowhere in sight.
But the heartthrob singer made sure he wasn't homeless for long when he bought a well-known local mansion in an area known as Crutch.
Pink crutch, pink shoe," "green crutch, green shoe.
I could use a hand getting that crutch over there, Kenny.
STAFF at a Teesside hospital trust have declared a crutch amnesty and asked that people return walking aids that are no longer needed - to potentially save PS125,000.
A MAN battered with a crutch as he was beaten up by three young thugs believes he was the victim of a race hate attack.
A DRUNKEN Polish man who stumbled into a girl and grabbed her pony tale was hit over the head with a crutch by a youth.
A WOULD-BE gangster shot himself in the crutch when his gun went off half cocked in his pocket.
POLICE are hunting a man who attacked an innocent bystander with a crutch.