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crushing blow

A major defeat or setback that is devastating to the goals of a person, group, or organization. The team's loss last Sunday was a crushing blow to their chances for a championship. Failing that test was a crushing blow to my hopes for an honors degree.
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have a crush on (someone)

To have a romantic infatuation with someone, especially unbeknownst to that person. I've had a crush on Tommy for years.
See also: crush, have, on

get a crush on (someone)

To become romantically infatuated with someone, especially unbeknownst to that person. I think I'm getting a crush on Tommy.
See also: crush, get, on

*crush on someone

infatuation with someone. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Mary thinks she's getting a crush on Bill. Sally says she'll never have a crush on anyone again.
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crush someone or something down

1. Lit. to press or force someone or something down. Crush the leaves down so you can put more into the basket. Crush down the leaves and fill the basket higher.
2. Fig. to suppress someone or something. The dictator crushed the opposition down ruthlessly. He crushed down all political opposition. The army crushed the peasants down ruthlessly.
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crush someone or something to something

to press or squeeze someone or something into a particular state, such as death, a pulp, nothing, etc. The anaconda crushed the tapir to death. Donna crushed the bananas to a pulp and put them into the cake batter.
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crush something in

to force something inward; to break something in. The beam nearly crushed Jason's head in. He tried to crush in the door.
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crush something (in)to something

to grind or break something into bits and pieces. He crushed the fennel seeds into a powder. The roller crushes the rocks to bits.
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crush something out of someone or something

 and crush something out
to press or squeeze something from someone or something. He crushed the juice out of the grapes. He thought that the weight of the lumber would crush the life out of him. Robert crushed out the juice.
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crush something up (into something)

to press or grind something with great force until it is reduced to something smaller. The chef crushed the almonds up into a powder and sprinkled them on the dessert. The machine crushed up all the glass into tiny bits.
See also: crush, up

crush something up (into something)

to press or grind something with great force until it is reduced to something smaller. The chef crushed the almonds up into a powder and sprinkled them on the dessert. The machine crushed up all the glass into tiny bits.
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crush (up) against someone or something

to press hard against someone or something. The crowd crushed up against the people standing in line. The eager theatergoers crushed against the lobby doors.
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have a case on

Also, have a crush on. Be infatuated with someone, as in He's had a case on her for years, or Teenage girls often have a crush on this teacher. The first slangy term dates from the mid-1800s; the second, a colloquialism, dates from the late 1800s.
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n. the person on whom one has a crush; one’s main squeeze; one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m gonna go study with my crush tonight.
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Intestinal non crushing clamp curved( large size/Adult) 28-30 cms,
He said in the decision, Sindh's sugar mills were directed to start crushing from November 20 while those in Punjab from November, 25.
The crushing premieres continue on Sunday, February 10 at 8 p.
com, an environmental coalition that staged a fruitless 30-day vigil against General Motors in Burbank last February to save its remaining EV1s, said automakers were crushing a clean-air investment paid for by California taxpayers.
Due to the abrasion resistance and crushing resistance of the mullite crystal ceramic structure, the ceramic mold/core media has high durability.
The drug is not to be chewed, swallowed, or crushed; swallowing destroys or reduces the intended action while crushing may make much of the drug ineffective or inoperative.
The ratings are constrained by the cyclicality of operations due to the volatility of crushing margins.
Procurement Acquisition of Natural Aggregates and Crushed Ballast Quantities: - Natural Sand Sort 0-4 Mm = 15,000 Tons; - Sort Gravel Crushing 4-8 Mm = 6000 Tons; - Sort Crushing Gravel 8-16 Mm = 6,000 Tons; - Refusal to Screen = 2,000 Tons.
In terms of crushing and other operations that carry over to recycling, the CDC notes that "dust from crushers is controlled by water sprays and local exhaust ventilation from the crusher enclosure.
My BFF called, and I rambled on about how I'm crushing on our guy friend.
You need to ensure the appropriate crusher will be used to handle the type of material you are crushing.
Concrete and asphalt recyclers can have hurdles beyond lead-based paint (LBP) to clear in order to run a successful crushing and recycling operation.
Southfield, Michigan, features a hydraulically powered, vibration-free crushing system to reduce gray and ductile iron and aluminum runners and scrap volumes by 60-80%.
SIMI VALLEY - When the Ventura County District Attorney's Office received a videotape from an East Coast animal rights group nearly two years ago, it got its first look at the underground fetish of crushing.
The crushing section has been hot commissioned (operated with material) and approximately 8,000 tonnes of ore have been crushed and added to the crushed ore stockpile.