crushed by

crushed by something

Fig. demoralized; having hurt feelings. The whole family was completely crushed by the news. I was just crushed by your attitude. I thought we were friends.
See also: crushed
References in classic literature ?
What was the good of digging if I must be suffocated, crushed by the water that was turning into stone?
They then found that the Sawhorse had been badly dazed by the blow; for while the hard wooden knot of which his head was formed could not be crushed by the hammer, both his ears were broken off and he would be unable to hear a sound until some new ones were made for him.
I was sent to the school by distant relations, upon whom I was dependent and of whom I have heard nothing since--they sent me there a forlorn, silent boy, already crushed by their reproaches, already troubled by doubt, and looking with savage distrust at everyone.
said Dorothea, beseechingly, crushed by opposing fears.
And when the great Ivan fell across his legs, hurled there lifeless and crushed by a down- rushing rock, he remembered the blind eyes of Old Kinoos and was glad.
It is Christmas Eve," says he, "I mark the date; here I sit alone on a rude couch of rushes, sheltered by the thatch of a herdsman's hut; I, whose inheritance was a kingdom, owe my night's harbourage to a poor serf; my throne is usurped, my crown presses the brow of an invader; I have no friends; my troops wander broken in the hills of Wales; reckless robbers spoil my country; my subjects lie prostrate, their breasts crushed by the heel of the brutal Dane.
CRUSH FORECAST If you're feeling crushed by a crush, things should straighten out soon.