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crush it

To succeed at something in a particularly impressive way. Often used in the past tense. Her presentation for the CEO went really well. She totally crushed it! That band always crushes it, so I'm not surprised their halftime performance was spectacular.
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crushed by something

Fig. demoralized; having hurt feelings. The whole family was completely crushed by the news. I was just crushed by your attitude. I thought we were friends.
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The buildings, foundations and streets were crushed together to make road base for use in projects on the Fort Ord property and nearby.
Bringing in crushed rock to build underground roads can cost between $40 to $60 a ton.
Strain into a collins glass almost filled with crushed ice.
Most of the RRC's crushed slag is sold to asphalt plants in Muskegon; larger oversized material is sold for landfill construction.
Otherwise, concrete fines generated by crushers on the site tested at 110 ppm; crushed concrete tested at 17 ppm; and soil located near the crushing plants tested at 30 to 60 ppm.
The petition alleges that crushed limestone base and aggregate produced by Calizas Industrializadas del Carmen S.
Hedman therefore supplied the ARC with a sample of its crushed Northfil, some ore directly from Horwood Lake, and its 2004 test results, to let the ARC decide whether Hedman's antigorite was suitable for the experimental attempt at fiberizing serpentine.
If the material to be crushed and screened is enough for only a few days, the time spent on setup is very hard to recover through higher capacity," Grygera says.
Department of Transportation (DOT) will begin enforcing safety regulations for transporting crushed cars.
Mix plain yogurt, minced garlic, coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger and crushed red pepper in a small bowl.
We now have the ability to receive the crushed ore directly via a slurry pipeline, process the ore for gold and silver recovery, and then return the material to the crushing plant where it will be further reduced and sent to flotation.
In the face of today's rising fuel costs, transporting crushed material becomes an important issue for operators.
Parts of the new standards of concern to scrap recyclers address the hauling of flattened or crushed vehicles, roll-off and hooklift containers, and intermodal shipping containers.
Or, stir a teaspoonful of crushed or whole capers into cold dips, sauces or spreads.