crusade against

crusade against (someone or something)

To strongly oppose someone or something and encourage others to do the same; to fight against someone or something. Many people in our small town are crusading against that big construction project because they feel that we don't need more stores so close to our homes.
See also: crusade

crusade against someone or something

to campaign or demonstrate against someone or something. You are always crusading against one cause or another. Ed started crusading against Eric and the latter threatened suit.
See also: crusade
References in classic literature ?
The professor was carrying on a hot crusade against materialists.
It is almost impossible for one of them to write a line on the subject, however kindly he may do so, without being suspected of wishing to open a crusade against the fair sex.
Messages were sent to the other governors of New England, and to New York and Pennsylvania, entreating them to unite in this crusade against the French.
ROMELU LUKAKU, fresh from continuing his one-man crusade against West Ham, now has another side firmly locked in his sights.
Unfortunately, when the Americans announced this crusade against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, they never came to the Security Council, they just announced the coalition and they announced that the Iraqi government gave its consent," Lavrov told Bloomberg TV in an interview.
There is a need for stringent laws against illegal drug suppliers and the ongoing cross- border smuggling," Badal said, adding that Punjab has not only launched a crusade against narcotics, but also arrested about 25,000 drug peddlers in the last one- and- a- half- years.
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The American College of obstetricians and Gynecologists' (ACOG) crusade against home births is further limiting women's choices of where to give' birth.
WASHINGTON--Reviving a long-running crusade against the Catholic bishops' anti-poverty and social-justice program, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, a new coalition called Reform CCHD Now urged Catholics to boycott the Nov.
But if she is now to crusade against ageism and sexism on the box The People will be right behind her.
of New England) draws connections from nativist anti-Islamic fears in Europe and anti-Islamic and anti-Hispanic fears in the United States to medieval Christianity's crusade against the Moors of Spain.
The crusade against youth unemployment will see posts created for sports coaches, tourism ambassadors, dance assistants and landscapers.
The 68-year-old had led a multi-million dollar crusade against the tobacco industry, four decades after he first appeared on billboards across the US promoting cigarettes as cool.
DAVID DAVIS, left, challenged Gordon Brown to prove he is not a "coward" today as he launched his controversial one-man crusade against 42-day terror detention.
ONE woman's crusade against an unfair tax loophole is set to improve the lives of thousands of widows.