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number cruncher

1. A person who works primarily with mathematics. We hired Tom to be the company's number cruncher and see if we could save money on our taxes.
2. A computer used to solve complicated mathematical problems. After I finish installing my new RAM, this computer's going to be a real number cruncher.
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A young child. I babysat four crumb-crunchers today, and boy, did they tire me out!


and crumb-crusher
n. a child. How many crumb-crunchers do you have at home.


1. n. someone who works with figures; an accountant. The number-crunchers are trying to get the annual report ready.
2. n. a large and powerful computer. (Computers.) They traded in the old computer for a powerful number-cruncher.
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As he plucks fresh flowers from a unsuspecting victims grave Mrs Cruncher leaves swooning
Amy Tirpak said, "The concept of CE Cruncher started after I became frustrated trying to find a few credits one year to meet my state requirements for my Chiropractic license.
Patterns: Daddies, Black Buzzer, Cruncher, Diawl Bach, Dawson''s Olive.
But the pirate cruncher does not deter Captain Purplebeard, for he is the Scourge of the Sea
Men of Gain" tells the story of one Wall Street number cruncher by the name of Evan Tipton the Second as he faces his life potentially collapsing all around him through the economic crisis.
99, 534g) with fire roasted tomato and chipotle chilli sauce will be an instant crowd pleaser, whilst the Cornish Cruncher melt in the middle beef burger (pounds 3.
Statman cruncher Bill James writes in his latest book: "Those of us in the stat analysis community tend not to be bullish on Juan Pierre or anybody who even looks like Juan Pierre.
It's business as usual on The Game Of Life but there's a sledgehammer riff worthy of Black Sabbath to usher in countdown cruncher 321.
Meanwhile, Hamburg head in to their Champions League cruncher with Arsenal on the back of 4-3 defeat to Stuttgart Kickers.
Yet for all her talent and experience tackling some of the most complex financial analysis and transactions in the real estate business, Jackson is the furthest thing from a number cruncher.
While on the opposite side in the Premiership cruncher was Ian's younger brother Steve, who claimed a couple of wickets and had the last laugh among relations when Clayton got away to a five-wicket win.
Finally, as an unrepentant numbers cruncher, I would have liked to have seen some of the social and economic information, such as genealogical information on the major players in the story, presented in appendices.
The schools' top budget official earned nearly $24,000 more than the mayor's chief number cruncher.
Cost Cruncher starts with material data, part volume or weight, machine data, and labor cost.
The Cruncher is an approachable spreadsheet suitable for grades 5 through 9.