crunch numbers

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crunch (the) numbers

To compile, calculate, and/or analyze a large amount of numerical data, especially as relates to finance. We've been crunching the numbers for hours, and I just don't see how we'll be able to afford another child! This new computer crunches numbers faster than any of us could even dream of!
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crunch numbers

Perform numerous calculations or process a large amount of numerical data. For example, Preparing John's presentation to the Federal Reserve Board required many hours of crunching numbers . This term originated with the computer age and indeed still applies mostly to the operations of computers. [Slang; second half of 1900s]
See also: crunch, number

crunch numbers


crunch the numbers

If you crunch numbers or crunch the numbers, you do calculations with numbers. The computer crunched numbers for a month to calculate how each of 100,000 stars moves over time. They don't have enough analysts to crunch the numbers. Note: The activity of doing this is called number crunching. Now the number crunching begins and deals will be made.
See also: crunch, number
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Can without doubt catches the eye with his effort and style, but crunch the numbers and his contribution is questionable.
Get a mortgage expert to crunch the numbers to ensure you are choosing the right deal for your needs.
Old Concept #1: Relying only on the dealership to build the deal and crunch the numbers.
You can almost hear the larvae eating the tree phloem while politicians crunch the numbers.
14) states, "Scientists still don't have one clean algorithm that can crunch the numbers, no matter how many cities, and find the shortest route.
95), a fine survey for managers called upon to justify budgets and crunch the numbers.
The reader is taught how to gauge the market, determine what type property they should buy, and how to crunch the numbers to reduce their risk of loss.
They crunch the numbers to ensure that their visionary boss's gorgeous plan actually works.
For those trying to crunch the numbers for another edge to their game, or are simply fascinated by so called games of 'chance', "It's Your Call" is a strong and very recommended read.
A NEW service has been launched to help crunch the numbers for small owner-managed businesses in Kirklees.
Herman's informal chats with Miller, filmed on her office couch, crunch the numbers and offer perspective.
Cubitt says the shift in approach has also been appreciated by other financial sector clients, who want to crunch the numbers on existing property investments.
The federal agency can crunch the numbers to provide a quick and updated profile of the labor situation for companies considering moving their business or starting up a business in New Hampshire.
Details about the commissioners' income-tax proposal for public safety are firming up as staffers crunch the numbers.
But really, it's the investors who are putting more pressure on ratings houses to crunch the numbers and issue public statements.