crunch down

crunch something down

to press or crush something down, breaking it with a crunching noise. Sally crunched the flower pot down, breaking it. She crunched down the fragile glass in the box accidentally.
See also: crunch, down
References in classic literature ?
The man who hated him attended every performance in the hope sometime of seeing that lion crunch down.
crud so that sometimes you crunch down on what tastes like a greasy
Why we have to stand up becomes eye-wateringly obvious when we hit the first wave and I crunch down onto the seat I'm straddling.
Sandra Downie, a licensed Esthetician and recognized Bridal Beauty Expert, knows what brides are going through as they crunch down for the big day.
Describing the new planet as a "really large ball of gas and dust", she said that it would crunch down over millions of years to the same size as Jupiter.
To make sure that those who enjoy sweet, succulent prunes don't crunch down on the fruits' pits, USDA-ARS researchers have devised and patented a new way to detect them.
To make sure that aficionados of sweet, succulent prunes--also known as "dried plums"--don't crunch down on bits of pits, researchers have devised and patented a new way to detect them.
We've got to crunch down, get stops, rebound the ball, secure the rebound and finish games.
ITV chiefs have added the disgusting twist to their notorious ultimate Bush Tucker challenge, in which one contestant is usually forced to crunch down on a roo's testicle.
And on Saturday comes the crunch Down Under with the All Blacks having their first crack at England since the World Cup in Dunedin.
When you tie that suture, it's similar to an imbricating-type of suture, and it causes the uterus to crunch down, which can stop the bleeding," Dr.
First it tried to crawl out of my mouth and claw across my tongue and escape, so I had to crunch down on it.
But the fact of the matter is, he runs just as hard in the big crunch down situations as he does when we've got our offense rolling.
You have to crunch down because you don't want to go to Q school.