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barmy on the crumpet

Eccentric or weird. In this phrase, a "crumpet" (a muffinlike pastry) is synonymous with one's head, and "barmy" means "yeasty." What do you think of John's strange behavior lately? I'm starting to wonder if he's a bit barmy on the crumpet.
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the thinking man's/women's crumpet

One who is considered both intelligent and attractive, and is therefore sexually desirable. It's clear that she's trying to present herself as the thinking man's crumpet, always carrying around those books.
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The Asda bakery department has caught the festive bug with crumpets in the shape of Christmas trees and snowmen, costing PS1 for six.
As a result, it is thinner than a crumpet and has a more freeform shape, giving the pikelets a spongy texture and distinctive pores which make perfect pockets for butter and jam.
I'M MAKING breakfast in my sister's flat and discover she has a toaster that fits crumpets in.
In line with its innovative thinking and determination to produce the best quality of crumpet possible, the company set out to further improve what it was already doing.
For a tasty, filling snack, toast some crumpets and top them with pesto sauce, tomato slices, chopped spring onion, pepperoni and grated Pilgrims' Choice Cheddar.
Ladle in your crumpet batter to half fill the mould and stand by to watch it rise and those famous bubbles appear.
We have achieved a fuller flavour by leaving the batter to 'bubble and settle' for a longer period than a standard crumpet.
Strauss may have been born in Transvaal but he remains as quintessentially English as a lightly-buttered crumpet, while Johannesburg-native Prior moved aged 11 and learned all his cricket in England.
The prized pup beat off competition from fellow Tory Andrew Murrison's black labrador Buster and Liberal Democrat Nick Harvey's golden retriever Crumpet.
The bin was still unemptied a fortnight later because collectors spotted a crumpet among the recycling, but they did leave a helpful note.
Spread each crumpet with 1tsp of pesto sauce, then arrange the tomato slices on top.
Headteacher Ceri Williams branded Monday morning's theft as "the great crumpet crisis", but says school cook Maxine Graham was able to pull together a selection of healthy alternatives before the children arrived.
Although known for being the thinking man's crumpet - after a comment from Frank Muir - she feels her career has been more important than that.
SINGLE MAN (12A,101mins) Thinking woman's crumpet Colin Firth takes a turn as the thinking man's crumpet in designer Tom Ford's first cinematic outing, which is a haunting drama about a professor who secretly says farewell to the people he loves as he contemplates suicide after the death of his lover.