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crumped out

1. slang Drunk or intoxicated. Do you remember last night at the pub at all? You were crumped out!
2. slang Dead. Janie hasn't noticed yet, but her fish is definitely crumped out.
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crumped out

Sl. intoxicated. She was too crumped out to drive herself home. Are you crumped out again?
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crumped (out)

1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was too crumped out to drive herself home.
2. mod. dead. Our old dog crumped out at age fourteen.
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Crump has served as the Chairman of the Board since Stratasys Inc's inception in 1988.
Crump s technology-driven insurance distribution solutions are among the insurance brokerage industry s most advanced, including Internet-based capabilities and a leading edge administration system to support all aspects of processing with multiple insurance companies.
Crump demonstrates a deep knowledge of the symphonies in his analyses and proves to be a persuasive advocate for these scores.
ON TOP: Chris Holder flanked by Jason Crump (left) and Jarek Hampel (right) on the podium and (inset) Holder punches the air as he takes the chequered flag just ahead of reigning World Champion Crump.
Crump, the son of Newport speedway great Phil Crump, was chasing a fourth British GP triumph in four years, but didn't have any complaints about losing out to Holder in the final.
Crump, son of former Newport speedway favourite Phil Crump, was chasing a fourth British GP triumph in five years but Holder held the racing line to kept him at bay.
Crump, who is on the speakers bureau for Centocor, Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, and Abbott.
Crump took the hole-shot and fended off the challenge of Hancock as the ruts and bumps saw Pedersen cartwheel his way out of the race following a high-speed tumble on the finish straight.
Track conditions became more and more difficult as the night wore on and the experience of Hancock, racing in his 105th consecutive Grand Prix, and Crump shone through.
Crump has been a little off the pace in this series but the signs were more encouraging in Leszno last time, when he was controversially excluded after Nicki Pedersen fell in the semi-final, having been passed by Crump on the inside.
Insects, as Crump demonstrates, can lead weird lives.
Crump, "Like Sand From Orchid's Lips" is a 96-page compilation of 105 amazing photographs in both b/w and color.
Australian ace Jason Crump is on the brink of a second world title after taking his fourth Grand Prix win in six events this season at Lonigo on Saturday.
GREG Hancock had to yield to Jason Crump for the second Grand Prix on the trot at Eskilstuna in Sweden last night.