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Foul, disgusting, or unappealing. Aw man, my cleats are all cruddy from playing that last game in the mud.


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and crudy and cruddie (ˈkrədi)
mod. nasty; awful. What is this cruddy stuff on my plate?


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Customers who don't live near a Fort Western Store can still participate in the sale by submitting a photo of their Cruddy Kickers online at www.
Cruddy humour aside, it looks like the Korean manufacturer might be working on their own wrist-worn smart device, as suggested by the leaked photos.
It lets you balance the speed and cycle of the AR action to the individual load you are using--or adjust for a cruddy gun during a long day of prairie dog shooting.
Each election year provides us with a similar reality check and a reminder that even when faced with pretty cruddy odds, we have the power and grit to effectuate change and impact shareholders in a meaningful way.
If you're a young someone dealing with questionable leftovers from your Thanksgiving visit - cruddy curtains dredged from the basement, perhaps, or someone's grandmother's faded prized peacock feathers - there's a chute at the end of the hall, or a Dumpster downstairs, that will collect the goods and chuck it.
If you want a scapegoat for your cruddy life, pick on a posho.
And women, if this means letting the bathroom get a little cruddy or having dingy gray underwear for a while, so be it.
First impression is crucial, so if there's a cruddy green waterline on the hull sides and bottom, the boat is not going to look well cared for.
A more apt anthropomorphic description of Humana might compare it to a granddaddy (of new American plays, that is): Like an octogenarian who pairs a cruddy sweater with surprisingly chic reading glasses, this Humana's lineup was an interesting mashup of ensemble-driven adventurousness and bordering-on-conservative conventionality
It is alienation that we need to guard against, the casual alienation of the perceived outsider that means they can't come into Members without a tie and a cruddy bit of pasteboard, or that they have to wear a jacket at the height of the summer, or have to do the maths of a fiver at 85-40, or that once they've been fleeced on entry they get done again by a pounds 3 racecard.
It felt the same cruddy way to me, but she claimed it was a breakthrough for her.
The value of music is articulated by one of Isabel's less successful professional acquaintances, Jonathan, who concludes that "music, art, was the last good thing in a world cruddy with greed and big power and money.