crowd around

crowd around (someone or something)

To gather around someone or something. The kids all crowded around the teacher for story time. Good luck getting any food with so many people crowding around the buffet!
See also: around, crowd

crowd around someone or something

to flock or swarm around someone or something. The children crowded around the department store Santa, eager for their chance at talking to him. Everyone crowded around the radio to listen.
See also: around, crowd
References in classic literature ?
amid the earnest woes That crowd around my earthly path --(Drear path, alas
Ye crowd around your neighbour, and have fine words for it.
The crowd around me shuddered, and pressed together.
Not a word did Sir Thomas say, but as he held her there the tears fell fast from his eyes, while from the crowd around broke the sound of weeping.
They did not appear to attract the observation of the crowd around them, but I must candidly confess that for my, own part, I stared at them most pertinaciously.
They transgressed without fear or scruple, the rules of behaviour that were binding on all others: smoking tobacco under the beadle's very nose, although each whiff would have cost a townsman a shilling; and quaffing at their pleasure, draughts of wine or aqua-vitae from pocket flasks, which they freely tendered to the gaping crowd around them.
Of course, it would have been best, all round, for Merlin to waive etiquette and quit and call it half a day, since he would never be able to start that water, for he was a true magician of the time; which is to say, the big miracles, the ones that gave him his repu- tation, always had the luck to be performed when nobody but Merlin was present; he couldn't start this well with all this crowd around to see; a crowd was as bad for a magician's miracle in that day as it was for a spiritualist's miracle in mine; there was sure to be some skeptic on hand to turn up the gas at the crucial moment and spoil everything.
The woman's passionate exclamations collected a crowd around her, and the trader briefly explained to them the cause of the agitation.
The lines on Miss Garth's face deepened and hardened: she stood lost among the fluttering crowd around her.
It would have been hard to let them down if it had been wished, so dense was the crowd around them.
Then a launch came to shore, took him on board, and conveyed him to a yacht splendidly fitted up, on whose deck he sprung with the activity of a sailor; thence he once again looked towards Morrel, who, weeping with joy, was shaking hands most cordially with all the crowd around him, and thanking with a look the unknown benefactor whom he seemed to be seeking in the skies.
Although he has to stay tight-lipped about their total worth until after the show airs on BBC1, he said the price he was given made the crowd around him gasp.
REMEMBER the days when we all used to crowd around our radios to hear the UEFA Cup draw?
It's wonderful,'' said Rick Hammerle, Santa Anita's racing secretary, looking at the crowd around the walking ring before the Malibu.
3) Teens crowd around tables, all members of the Canyon Country's Volunteen program, answering letters to Santa.