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Crowd analysis relates to the study of the movement of groups or objects and as a field of study involves the intersection of a number of sciences, including sociology, biology, physics, and computer science.
However, it was for Arieb Azhar that the crowd bestowed special veneration, climbing up the platform, hanging on to his every word.
Crowd Surf is said to have been developed by Snap's in-house research team, which used a proprietary machine learning technology.
Yung energy ko kasi nakikisabay sa crowd pag naka-on yung crowd.
Mitsubishi Electric's new system will provide event organizers with a practical means for reducing crowd congestion to maintain event pathways.
Organizers need to think clearly about specific benefits to the crowd participants that are mutually beneficial, not to the exclusive benefit of either organizations or their crowds.
A literature search identified only one published study investigating the association between crowd proximity and HA in terms of match outcome.
Crowd chanting slogans saying "Prime Minister resign"
After the lengthy appraisal on crowd theory, the second, more empirical part is almost a book in itself.
However, it departs from these concepts by emphasizing the role of the crowd in the generation and exploitation of business opportunities.
The demand for crowd is so high that we are unable to meet it," said Sahailendra Kumar, a man from neighbouring Hajipur.
The Figure of the Crowd in Early Modern London: The City and Its Double.
In our book, The Playful Crowd, we began with the simple thesis that broad patterns in the behaviors and contextual meanings of playful crowds dramatically change in the 20th century, and that these transformations require careful comparisons of early and later crowd sites.