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crouch around

[for people or other creatures] to stoop or squat within an area. Everyone crouched around, hoping the bomb would fall somewhere else. The baboons i crouched around, grooming one another.
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crouch down

to stoop or huddle down. Crouch down here, next to me. Suddenly, Tex crouched down and reached for his pistol.
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References in classic literature ?
But it was not so, for presently, to our surprise, the ancient woman, Gagool, rose from her crouching position, and supporting herself with a stick, staggered off into the open space.
He was now swimming parallel to the bank and there he saw the cruel beast that would have seized him crouching upon the still form of his little playmate.
What good was her new-found liberty in the face of the frightful beast crouching so close beside her?
The ape-man stood, half crouching, the long Arab knife glistening in the moonlight.
At last I gave up, crouching in the secure fork of a tree.
He dozed despite himself, crouching by the fire, the blankets about his shoulders, the axe between his knees, and on either side a dog pressing close against him.
The man sat down on his blankets in a crouching position.
Though the Bull dug into the walls with his horns, he tired before he could rout out the Mouse, and crouching down, went to sleep outside the hole.
DURING a shower of rain the Keeper of a Zoological garden observed a Man of Principle crouching beneath the belly of the ostrich, which had drawn itself up to its full height to sleep.
It was a human figure--that of a man crouching close in the corner.
In the dust of years that lay thick upon the floor--leading from the door by which they had entered, straight across the room to within a yard of Manton's crouching corpse--were three parallel lines of footprints--light but definite impressions of bare feet, the outer ones those of small children, the inner a woman's.
Peter Crouch was the life and soul of the Stoke FC Christmas party - crouching down to line dance with his teammates.
Peter Crouch was the life and soul of the Stoke Xmas party - crouching to do a line dance with team-mates.
Yet as Salman Rushdie suggested recently in The New York Times, a crop of new and popular international films, most notably Ang Lee's "shoestring" $15 million epic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, might take U.