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slang The unpleasant, smelly substance sometimes found in the genital area. This crotch-cheese is really repulsive.


vulgar slang A penis. Hey, I don't want to see your crotch-cobra—pull up your pants!


A louse, especially of the pubic region. Often used in the plural. Don't sleep with him—he seems like the type of guy you'd catch crotch-monkeys from, gross.


A louse, especially of the pubic region. Often used in the plural. Don't sleep with him—he seems like the type of guy you'd catch crotch-pheasants from, gross.

crotch rocket

slang A motorcycle, often specifically a Japanese sportbike. Some dude on a crotch rocket just shot past me doing about 100. Of course I wouldn't get a crotch rocket like that—I'm a Harley man.
See also: crotch, rocket

crotch rot

A fungal infection of the genital area, especially in males, that typically manifests as a rash. I think I need to go to the doctor—this crotch rot isn't getting any better.
See also: crotch, rot

crotch rocketeer

n. a motorcycle driver; one who drives a crotch-rocket. None of these crotch rocketeers is wearing a helmet.
See also: crotch


and cock-cheese
n. smegma; any nasty, smelly substance—real or imagined—that accumulates around the genitals, especially in athletes. (Usually objectionable.) Man, this stuff is vile. It smells like crotch-cheese.


n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his crotch-cobra and ran for the bedroom.


and crotch-monkey
n. a louse. (Usually in the plural.) He appears to be afflicted with what you might call “crotch-pheasants.” Stop scratching your crotch-monkeys, Zeke.




n. a motorcycle. (For some, only foreign motorcycles are so called.) I can buy a nice car for less than you paid for that crotch-rocket.


n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?
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There are very few faces on the tape - just frame after frame of bottoms and crotches.
At one food processing machinery plant, some of the men, including a supervisor, would goose co-workers by grabbing their crotches or pinching their buttocks or nipples, just to get a kick out of their startled reactions.
So, VB46, Beecroft's Los Angeles debut a week before the Oscars: In an evenly dispersed cluster, twenty silent women idled, all with depilated crotches, calcimined skin (blanching any tattoos), blonde wigs, dyed blonde eyebrows, shiny pale lipstick, and the latest silver-capped white Alessandro Dell' Acqua stilettos.
London, December 21 ( ANI ): A growing number of men are embracing the 'bare down there' trend, waxing their crotches as part of their grooming routine.
But then what can you do with predictable material that relies on golf balls bouncing off heads, dogs latching onto crotches and people falling into cactus patches for its humor?
New York, Sept 12 (ANI): The New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating a YouTube video that shows semi-nude women leaning against uniformed officers' crotches at the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn.