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crotch rocketeer

n. a motorcycle driver; one who drives a crotch-rocket. None of these crotch rocketeers is wearing a helmet.
See also: crotch


and cock-cheese
n. smegma; any nasty, smelly substance—real or imagined—that accumulates around the genitals, especially in athletes. (Usually objectionable.) Man, this stuff is vile. It smells like crotch-cheese.


n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his crotch-cobra and ran for the bedroom.


and crotch-monkey
n. a louse. (Usually in the plural.) He appears to be afflicted with what you might call “crotch-pheasants.” Stop scratching your crotch-monkeys, Zeke.




n. a motorcycle. (For some, only foreign motorcycles are so called.) I can buy a nice car for less than you paid for that crotch-rocket.


n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?
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As you can see in Photo 3, the attacker's head is positioned on the outside of the opponent's hip as the lead-arm drives up through the opponent's crotch.
He must be careful not to drop the finger below the body line, where it could be observed from the rear, nor to put the finger down any noticeable distance away from the crotch, to prevent an overhead sun from casting a shadow of the digit on the shin guards or feet.
Agents who witnessed the incident said that Price became upset after being selected for an extra screening, and asked to speak to a supervisor and it was then that she reached down and "demonstrated and grabbed the leg of the agent and the crotch area as she claimed had happened to her.
If there's only one scene that "Basic Instinct" can be remembered for, it's the one where Sharon's character, Catherine Tramell, re-crossed her legs while sitting in an interrogation room, thereby revealing her underwear-less crotch in front of the detectives.
The harassment allegedly began with inappropriate questions about sex; before long the boss was accused of grabbing the employee's crotch and hopping into bed with him in hotel rooms during business trips the two took together.
Miley didn't only sport the same crotch baring undies but she was backed up onstage by her "little" dancers who wore onesies that were made in the same crotch-baring design.
The girl said that when she got off the train at Leicester, "he put his legs on to the seat, leaving his hat on his crotch and I had to squeeze past him".
Producers issued a memo saying: "We've got to do something about Ioan's crotch - everyone's eyes will be on it.
Each time Paco jingles the coins in his pants pocket, we're reminded of the American Dream, and each time he grabs his crotch to reposition himself, we understand the Latino tradition of machismo of which Paco is a part--and a victim.
Patented is an absorbent article comprising an absorbent core, the absorbent article being divided into three portions: a front portion, a back portion and a crotch portion disposed between the front portion and the back portion, the absorbent core having a dry thickness at a crotch point of the article of from 0.
Two side seams generated by connecting together said stomach portion and said back portion by a manufacturer of the article on both sides thereof, said front stomach portion and said rear back portion thereby forming a stomach and back band which is continuous in a transverse or waist-encircling direction and defining a waist opening that is closed in said waist-encircling direction, wherein said crotch portion, said stomach portion and said back portion thereby also define leg openings of the incontinence article.
extending the side panels to a post-application side panel length, Lf, from a pre-application side panel length, Li, once the absorbent article is at least raised up an infant's legs and the crotch of the absorbent article is proximate the infant's crotch.
A wearing article having a longitudinal direction 00, a transverse direction (X), comprising: an inner side facing the wearer's skin; an outer side facing a wearer's garment; a front waist region; a rear waist region; a crotch region extending between said front and rear waist regions and being contiguous one to another in said longitudinal direction; waist belt members defining said front and rear waist regions, respectively, and a crotch member defining partially inclusive of said front and rear waist regions, wherein said waist belt members include a pair of waist line defining ends and a pair of ends on a side of said crotch member both pairs extending in said transverse direction and opposed to each other in said longitudinal direction.
A disposable absorbent article intended to be worn around the waist of a wearer, said article comprising: a chassis having a front portion, a back portion and a crotch portion there between, and optionally comprises a waistband; and an absorbent core secured to the chassis in at least the crotch portion, wherein a printed tag is arranged on the inner wearer facing side of the chassis in at least one of said front portion, back portion, and said waistband, said article having a longitudinal (y) and a transverse (x) direction, wherein said printed tag has at least one first area which is fixedly attached to the chassis and at least one second area which is unattached, the unattached area of the tag has a Bending rigidity according to Kawabata of not more than 0.
An absorbent article comprising a front portion, a back portion, a crotch portion, the crotch portion being arranged between the front portion and the back portion, a front waist portion which is located at an edge of the front portion which is distal from the crotch portion in a longitudinal direction of the article, and a back waist portion which is located at an edge of the back portion which is distal.