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cross (one) (up)

To defy, challenge, or frustrate one. Don't cross that guy if you want a job in publishing—he's a celebrated editor. Stephen has crossed me up so many times I just can't trust him anymore.
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cross someone

to oppose someone. You best not cross Jim. He has a very bad temper. This is the last time you cross me, you hear?
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His brows furrowed crossly when he saw all the deer standing in a group, laughing and carrying on.
It'd be dark by the time he got done with dinner so Pohlman, a self-described ``driveway rat,'' would turn on the outside light in front of his family's suburban Atlanta house, switch on the radio and the headlights of the family sedan and shoot baskets until well past midnight - or until the neighbors across the street crossly hollered at him to cease with all that thumping.
An Egyptian perfumer, Anwar, based at the Canada Dry Palace shop on Sphinx Street, right in the shadow of the Pyramids, said crossly that French research chemists took his oils back to Grasse, the heart of the French perfume industry.
He's been talking that way for years', said Stella, crossly.
Among all his other talents, Jack happened to be a marvelous actor, but my sympathy faded over the course of the afternoon and our visit ended rather crossly.
Very dryly and crossly Quantz said: `I have frequently begged Your Majesty not to hold the flute in your hand or under your arm after you have played it, but to lay it on the table; but you still do the former, and the flute sounds untrue because it is warmed unequally, not because it is out of tune in itself'.
Not until it drove him back did the young crane turn away and, in no great hurry, stalk away across the plain, crossly shuffling its new feathers, shaking the bright green ring around its leg.
The Red Queen exclaims crossly, "A slow sort of country.
You're so racist and the luggage label is ironic," says the oldest daughter crossly tipping a year's supply of shampoo into her sponge bag.
I'd crossly tell people I wasn't a boy, I was a hedgehog.
Even better, tonight she very crossly marches Jimmy around to that warehouse to give the imaginary texter a stern telling off.
Don't use them crossly, with words you regret Just use them softly to say "I love you, pet.
They includes art classes, football skills, dancing and a creative writing class with guidance from Sheena Crossly, author of Bats In The Bay.
No, we're having both tonight," he replied, crossly.
But, sensibly, shaded bus shelters are next to chic cafE[umlaut]s, and smugly the buses take you right to the beaches or heart of the village or port, while you imperiously look down at those in cars beneath desperately trying to find places to park, reversing up the narrowing lanes, with the drivers shouting at each other and their passengers eventually forced to walk crossly in the midday sun.