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cross (one's) bows

To annoy or irritate. Boy, you are really crossing my bows today. Why can't you just do what I ask without arguing about it?
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cross the Great Divide

To die. I'm really scared that mom is going to cross the Great Divide any day now. The doctors are saying that it's only a matter of time.
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But residents northeast of the proposed crossing worry that it would increase street traffic.
However, the popularity of crossing networks and dark books is further fragmenting a type of order flow that to date has been difficult to bridge.
In addition to implementing its BillTrak Pro(TM) solution, TEOCO is utilizing decades of experience to provide auditing services to Global Crossing.
Content blobs can also include Web Crossing Template Language (WCTL) scripting for dynamic content.
Global Crossing introduced its sophisticated Fast-Track(TM) services in October 2004.
The new Podcast capabilities are incorporated in the latest Web Crossing Weblog and RSS plug-ins.
Available immediately for free, the Easy FAQ and enhanced File Downloads Library is compatible with all Web Crossing installations.
Global Crossing undertakes no duty to update information contained in this press release or in other public disclosures at any time.
The Quiksilver Crossing is about exploration and adventure; it's about cruising through exotic locales, seeking out the perfect wave," said Bob McKnight, CEO, Quiksilver.
Available immediately, the Brainstorm plug-in is compatible with all Web Crossing and Web Crossing Express setups.
Available immediately, the Register Plus plug-in is compatible with all Web Crossing and Web Crossing Express setups.
Web Crossing Express is a powerful, integrated server platform for core site functionality," explained Tim Lundeen, president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc.
Team Crossing is a specialized implementation of Web Crossing optimized and configured especially for intranet and workgroup use.
today announced a new Neurons plug-in for the creation of interactive multimedia database modules in a Web Crossing 5.