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caught in the crossfire

1. Lit. trapped between two lines of enemy fire. I was caught in the crossfire and dove into a ditch to keep from getting killed.
2. and caught in the middle Fig. caught between two arguing people or groups, making it difficult to remain neutral. Bill and Ann were arguing, and poor Bobby, their son, was caught in the middle.
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caught in the crossfire

to be hurt by opposing groups in a disagreement caught in the middle As politicians and educators debate school funding, it's students who are caught in the crossfire.
Related vocabulary: in the cross hairs
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of caught in the crossfire (trapped between two groups that are shooting at each other)
See also: caught, crossfire

be caught in the crossfire

to be badly affected by a situation where two people or groups are arguing with each other (often + of ) Unhappy children are often caught in the crossfire of arguing parents. (often + between ) She became caught in the crossfire between two bosses with different ideas about what her job involved.
See also: caught, crossfire
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