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double crosser

A person who has betrayed or swindled friends, allies, colleagues, or associates, or intends to do so. I'll make sure that dirty double crosser never works in this town again, if it's the last thing I do.
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n. a person who betrays someone. (Often with dirty. See comments at double cross.) You dirty, lowdown double-crosser, you!
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Genetic variation from plant to plant in any particular crosser is considerably greater than in most selfers.
Dave Wagstaff was a great crosser of the ball and a fast dribbler.
As such, the Mexican border crosser is situated as an object tied to the physicality of the border, such that any movement away from the border enhances the perception of border crossers as being "out of place.
Owen said: "Geremi is a fantastic crosser of the ball.
Dan Crosser, owner of The Plaza el Segundo and principal for the Comstock Development Company represented himself.
Robert Ashcraft, an outstanding professor from Arizona State University (ASU) and a fellow American Red Crosser, and I were expressing our frustration about the quality of boards and executives in the nonprofit sector.
If we get the free safety jumping the crosser in Cover 3, we will run a second backside receiver in behind and play high-low off him.
CBP officers also noted a bulge in the lower groin area of the border crosser.
Crosser was always hailed as a great coach who perhaps couldn't quite cut it as a manager.
AMRISTAR -- Border Security Force(BSF) handed over an inadvertent border crosser to Pakistan Rangers.
He has great dribbling skills but he is also a great crosser.
Beckham (right) has a great passing ability and is a superb crosser of the ball.
But Nemeth has shown that he is a decent crosser of the ball, while he is a useful third attacker when cutting in from the flank.