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double crosser

A person who has betrayed or swindled friends, allies, colleagues, or associates, or intends to do so. I'll make sure that dirty double crosser never works in this town again, if it's the last thing I do.
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n. a person who betrays someone. (Often with dirty. See comments at double cross.) You dirty, lowdown double-crosser, you!
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Mexico border as site-specific text needs to incorporate conceptions of the border, border crossing, and border crossers into a metaphorical and rhetorical paradigm.
Frontrunner and Crosser (commonly known as the "excavator" and the "jackhammer" and respectively manufactured by Cordis Corporation and FlowCardia, Inc.
Having eventually squeezed through 3-2 at Upton Park Crosser saw his side draw 1-1 at Stamford Bridge in the quarter-finals before a last-minute winner by Gordon Armstrong made it 2-1 in the replay.
Jaswal informed that during questioning he was found to be innocent and an inadvertent crosser besides nothing objectionable was found in his possession.
A spokesman for the fire department said that Dale Crosser, the third rescuer, will receive a separate citation from the department at a later date.
His other piece of "research"--and the only research this Researcher did on gender crossers--consisted of, first, long talks with one gender crosser in Chicago (named "Cher" in the book; I know her well; she's one of the people who have filed legal complaints against Bailey) and, second, short talks with a half dozen young Hispanic gender-crossing prostitutes whom Cher brought to Bailey under the impression he wanted to help them.
Indeed, Crosser insists: "I do not have many regrets in football but leaving Birmingham is one of them.
If a gender crosser is "just" a guy who gets pleasure from it, that's one thing (laugh at him, jail him, murder him).
Tranmere Rovers, fresh from the Football League, will provide the sternest of homecomings for Crosser, born down the river at South Shields before going on a kaleidoscope ride through a dozen clubs before returning to his roots.
Using the CROSSER Catheter as a front line therapy allows us to use further treatment options resulting in increased long term benefits to the patient.
2, "I'm Here": Tells an adjacent defender that the LB nearest him is available because the LB's key didn't release or the pattern was such that the LB could help on any crosser or inside breaker.
Jimmy is chief hot cross bun crosser for Greggs in the North East.
Mark's extensive experience in the medical device arena and team leadership abilities will allow us to broaden our product portfolio and clinical exposure with the CROSSER Catheter in the United States and select OUS markets," said Chris Barys, COO.
CITROEN'S new sport utility C Crosser will be seen for the first time at next month's Geneva motor show before going on sale this summer alongside its Peugeot 4007 counterpart.
At one time there was no better crosser of the ball in the country than Nicky.