cross swords

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cross swords (with someone)

Fig. to become the adversary of someone. Gloria loved an argument and was looking forward to crossing swords with Sally.
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cross swords (with somebody)

(slightly formal)
to argue with someone The candidates crossed swords on several issues, including taxes, guns and immigration.
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cross swords

Fight, either verbally or physically. For example, At every policy meeting the two vice-presidents crossed swords. This phrase alludes to the ancient form of combat using swords. Also see at sword's point.
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cross swords

To quarrel or fight.
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He had been due to cross swords again on Saturday with the Town Moor runner-up Rock Of Gibraltar - who was giving him 4lb that day and has since scored impressively in Group One company in France.
5 Which Liverpool-based drama does this synopsis describe: 'An ambitious council leader and a gentle school teacher cross swords against a backdrop of political subversion.
Championship relegation gladiators Paul Hart of Crystal Palace and Sheffield Wednesday's Alan Irvine cross swords tomorrow in a season finale knowing victory for either side will send the other down.
I am sure he would love to cross swords again with Martin O'Neill like in the Glasgow derbies.
The winner contests today's Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud but Egerton (second), Schiaparelli (third), Expensive Dream (seventh) and Poseidon Adventure (eighth) all cross swords again.
SVEN-GORANERIKSSON is preparing to cross swords once again with the man responsible for inflicting the most painful defeat on the Swede during his tenure as England head coach.
SLOVENIA will be looking to the Republic of Ireland for inspiration when they cross swords with South Africa tomday.
DUNDEE skipper Barry Smith has vowed to make Aberdeen pay for ruining his glory day as he gears up to cross swords again with the Dons at Pittodrie in Tuesday's rearranged clash.
3) Basil Rathbone, left, and Errol Flynn cross swords in ``The Adventures of Robin Hood,'' one of five classic movies playing in the Last Remaining Seats series.
FANS of the weird and wonderful should seek out Ghost Dog, a blood-drenched movie where excitable Italian Mafiosi cross swords with the Japanese Samurai.
While they rarely cross swords - favouring a "live and let live" approach to each other's patches - they used "very aggressive" tactics to ward off new operators.