cross path

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cross your path

to happen to you If you only write about whatever crosses your path each day, your writing may not be very interesting to most readers.
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cross somebody's path

to meet someone, especially by accident If he ever crosses my path again, I'll kill him.
See also: cross, path
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The Cross Path Shopping Center is a one-story, 44,877-square-foot, multi-tenant property, with a 95,000 s/f parking lot.
Rear Cross Path will be available on the 2009 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan.
My Lucky Star is Keenan's third novel--following My Blue Heaven and Putting on the Ritz--to center on the harebrained schemes of gay-boys-about-town Philip Cavanaugh and Gilbert Selwyn; this time around, they run amok in Los Angeles and cross paths with a closeted movie star, his eccentric family, and a troublemaking Hollywood madam.
We had no reason to believe we would cross paths with the general again.
For Jane Blount, managing director of the Lower Left dance collective, "it's a great opportunity for artists from across the modern dance spectrum to dance with people you wouldn't normally cross paths with.
an actress returns to Paris to meet her lover, only to cross paths with an old flame, in VA SAVOIR (Artificial Eye, pounds 15.
He and Yvonne cross paths fleetingly once or twice.
Following a fraught journey, during which they cross paths with suspected horse thief Jimmy Blevins (Lucas Black), the pair end up at the ranch of Don Hector Villareal (Ruben Blades).
Situated where purpose and inspiration cross paths, architecture at all times finds itself pulled between the glamour of the other arts and the grit of engineering.
Two independent and outspoken women cross paths at a White House dinner.
Staff members from all three programs greet each other cheerily whenever they cross paths, request matching days off, and keep in touch over the off-season.