keep fingers crossed

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keep (one's) fingers crossed

To hope for good luck or that something will happen. The actual gesture, which does not have to accompany the phrase, involves crossing one's middle finger over the index finger as a superstition believed to bring good luck or ward off bad luck. Cross your fingers that this is the package we've been waiting for. OK, I've been crossing my fingers—did you get the job?
See also: crosse, finger, keep

keep one's fingers crossed (for someone or something)

 and cross one's fingers
to wish for luck for someone or something, sometimes by actually crossing one's fingers; to hope for a good outcome for someone or something. I hope you win the race Saturday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm trying out for a play. Keep your fingers crossed!
See also: crosse, finger, keep
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They will cross fingers that their faith is not misplaced.
Let's cross fingers I will have a good day on that one.
cross fingers ( sic)," she wrote in another update.
So for instance I feel their euphoria when they strike it rich; and when they don't, I secretly cross fingers for them because I know that at the country's wealthiest casino, odds are the next big win is just a game away.
Admitting the frustrations of having to cross fingers in the hope Brive lend them a helping hand, England Saxon Dowson knows there will be more than one eye on events in France tomorrow night.