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neck and crop

Totally and completely, often abruptly. I can't believe you're just going to stop financially supporting me neck and crop! How am I supposed to buy groceries this week? Even though they got an early lead, we came back and beat them neck and crop!
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cream of the crop

Fig. the best of all. This particular car is the cream of the crop. These three students are very bright. They are the cream of the crop in their class.
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crop out

to appear on the surface; [for something] to reveal itself in the open; to begin to show above the surface. A layer of rock cropped out at the edges of the desert.
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crop someone or something out

[for a photographer] to cut or trim out someone or something from a photograph. The photographer cropped Mr. Jones out of the picture. See if you can crop out the ugly fence at the side of the house.
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crop up

to appear without warning; to happen suddenly; [for something] to begin to reveal itself in the open. Some new problems cropped up at the last minute.
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Good seed makes a good crop.

Prov. Starting with good materials will help you get good results. Jill: Elsie and Jim are going to have a baby. Jane: I'm sure it will be a good child, since they're both such good people. Good seed makes a good crop. I am sure Robert's business will flourish. He's capable and honest, and good seed makes a good crop.
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the cream of the crop

the best of a particular group This editorial staff isn't the cream of the crop, but it's not as bad as you say.
Opposite of: bottom of the barrel
Etymology: based on the idea that cream is the best part of milk
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crop up

to appear by chance Officials fear that the virus could crop up in the United States. Interest in international issues has cropped up on many university campuses.
Related vocabulary: come up
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the cream of the crop

the best of a particular group These artists are the best of this year's graduates - the cream of the crop.
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cream of the crop, the

The best or choicest of anything, as in The apples from this orchard are definitely the cream of the crop. The noun cream has been used to mean "the best" since the 16th century. The French equivalent of the present term, la crème de la crème ("the cream of the cream") was familiar in English by 1800.
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crop out

Rise to the surface, become visible or evident, as in These superstitions crop out time and again. This term originated in mining, where a stratum or vein of ore is said to crop out when it comes to the surface. [Mid-1800s]
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crop up

Appear unexpectedly or occasionally, as in One theory that crops up periodically is the influence of sunspots on stock prices, or We hope new talent will crop up in the next freshman class. [Mid-1800s]
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crop up

To happen or appear, often unexpectedly: Errors have cropped up in the report despite all our proofreading.
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References in classic literature ?
They would pass over the brow into the dewless crops where Gihon, low and shrunken, could only guess what they were about when Abu Hussein flew down the bank to scratch at a stopped earth, and flew back into the barley again.
Ancient poetry and mythology suggest, at least, that husbandry was once a sacred art; but it is pursued with irreverent haste and heedlessness by us, our object being to have large farms and large crops merely.
This touched me sensibly, for I foresaw that in a few days they would devour all my hopes; that I should be starved, and never be able to raise a crop at all; and what to do I could not tell; however, I resolved not to lose my corn, if possible, though I should watch it night and day.
However, as my first crop was but small, I had no great difficulty to cut it down; in short, I reaped it in my way, for I cut nothing off but the ears, and carried it away in a great basket which I had made, and so rubbed it out with my hands; and at the end of all my harvesting, I found that out of my half-peck of seed I had near two bushels of rice, and about two bushels and a half of barley; that is to say, by my guess, for I had no measure at that time.
These things being added to my desire of having a good quantity for store, and to secure a constant supply, I resolved not to taste any of this crop but to preserve it all for seed against the next season; and in the meantime to employ all my study and hours of working to accomplish this great work of providing myself with corn and bread.
The men of the old days -they are now Commissioners - come riding to me through the crops - high upon horses so that all the village sees - and we talk out the old skirmishes, one dead man's name leading to another.
I cannot say that he was never again misled by his hopefulness: the yield of crops or the profits of a cattle sale usually fell below his estimate; and he was always prone to believe that he could make money by the purchase of a horse which turned out badly-- though this, Mary observed, was of course the fault of the horse, not of Fred's judgment.
Uncle Henry grew poorer every year, and the crops raised on the farm only bought food for the family.
The Eric and Bernadette Schaffhausen farm, a 97-acre crop farm
The potential for severe losses is ironic because the early predictions from the Department of Agriculture was that this year would result in the largest corn crop in many, many years.
Due to delayed monsoons, poor rainfall and pest attacks, the crop has been damaged this year.
Previously, the only way to see crop circles was to get in a plane and fly around and find them.
But while food safety research is complicated by the many different crops and the wide variety of growing and harvesting systems involved, research on one specialty crop can supply new information that may be applicable to others.
While the freeze knocked out the entire citrus crop in 1990, recent 20-degree temperatures hit a broader swath of crops, prompting Gov.
California and Arizona generate 40% of this specialty crop value, about $20 billion annually.