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by hook or (by) crook

by any means, legal or illegal. I'll get the job done by hook or by crook. I must have that house. I intend to get it by hook or crook.
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by hook or by crook

using any method possible Templeton was recruited to obtain the formula by hook or by crook.
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by hook or by crook

if you intend to do something by hook or by crook, you are determined not to let anything stop you doing it and are ready to use any methods I decided that I was going to get that job by hook or by crook.
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by hook or crook

By any means possible, in one way or another. For example, The car broke down, but I'll get there by hook or crook. This term has a disputed origin. A widely held theory is that it comes from the custom of allowing commoners to take as much wood from royal forests as they could reach with a shepherd's crook and cut down with a billhook. [1300s] Also see the synonym by any means.
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crook one's elbow

Also, bend one's elbow. Drink liquor, especially a great deal. For example, Bill is known to crook his elbow now and then, or Uncle Joe rather overdoes it with bending his elbow. Both slangy expressions allude to the motion of lifting a drink to one's lips, which involves bending the elbow. The first dates from about 1820, and the second from about 1900.
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by hook or by crook

By whatever means possible, fair or unfair.
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by hook or by crook

By any means necessary to accomplish the purpose; one way or another. Several explanations for this phrase have come down over the years. One is that it refers to two Irish towns, Hook Head and Crook, through which Oliver Cromwell tried to capture the nearby city of Waterford. Another is a medieval custom of allowing villagers to collect for firewood any loose branches that they could pull down with a long-handled curved implement. A third explanation is the most plausible: shepherds rounded up their flocks by means of a crook, a long staff with a curved end. A shepherd would chase after a reluctant ram, ewe, or lamb and hook it with his staff by any means . . . by hook or by crook.
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But after a torrid start to the new season, the ex-Glentoran ace stepped down, with Crooks agreeing last week to step into the breach.
It was Newcastle who created the first clear-cut chance in the 17th minute, Crooks forcing a mistake from the Huddersfield backline before playing in Megan Pyper down the left.
Crooks, from Waterloo and a member of the Under 21 side who won the Professional Development League II North, has been an unused substitute for the first team but is now pressing for greater involvement.
If convicted, Crooks faces up to a year in the slammer.
UP FOR THE CUP: Left and above, it's all eyes on the ball in the cup final thriller between Lingdale and Loftus and, below, Tony Sivills celebrates after scoring for Loftus IN THE NET: Right, Ben Crooks' first goal for Lingdale in the cup final BATTLE IN THE BOX: Right, the action hots up in the cup final between Lingdale and Loftus ON A RUN: Loftus' Andrew Dent carries the ball forward HEAD TO HEAD: Right, Lingdale and Loftus battle for the ball during the Whitby Benevolent Cup final Pictures by KATIE LUNN GOAL JOY: Right, Ben Crooks hits the ball home for Lingdale and, left, it's celebration time
The focus of the classes is to prepare people for social dances at clubs and weddings rather than competitive dancing, Crooks said.
City are the only side to beat Annan in the league this season and two early goals from Brian Cameron and Jason Crooks saw Ross Jack's troops make it a double.
From normal people having a bad day to the crazies, "Cops, Crooks, and Other Crazies: Memoirs of 31 Years in the San Diego Police Department and the California Highway Patrol" is the reflections of the author George C.
The brutal attack by Daniel Crooks on Kimberley Webb came after he demanded to know who she had been texting during a night out.
If, in a particular universe, all index annuity sellers are crooks, and Jack sells index annuities in that universe, then Jack is a crook.
TISSUES at the ready for this one because it is, indeed, a sad day for journalism: Garth Crooks has been hoiked off BBC question-asking duties for England internationals.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Crooks Currency Group today announced the introduction of a weekly currency options research alert, Crooks Currency Options.
Nearly two months later the decomposed body of Brian Joseph Crooks was washed up on a beach at Wallasey.
Crooks was one of more than three dozen people who testified during the public discussion session of the two-day FDA Advisory Committee meeting on Tysabri that began March 7, 2006.
You can try to make it tougher on the crooks, but crooks don't abide by the rules anyway.