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crock up

To damage or hurt someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crock" and "up." Our fence is crocked up because our neighbor ran into it with his tractor.
See also: crock, up

crock someone or something up

Sl. to damage or harm someone or something. The accident crocked me up a bit. I really crocked up my car last night.
See also: crock, up


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Oh, my God! You’re crocked again!


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Sam and John set out to get half-crocked.
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Michael Collins (Achilles) also misses the match against Sheffield United, skipper Cliff Byrne remains crocked and striker Bobby Grant is suspended.
LEEDS will send crocked winger Steve Stone to see leading German specialist Hans Muller Wolfhart in a bid to cure his long-term Achilles problem.
Then Bean Counter A hangs up phone and turns to Bean Counter B: "Bellamy's crocked, never mind pounds 6million, we could get him for two now.
The Scotland international, on loan at Burnley after his move from Aberdeen to Sunderland turned sour, was crocked during Tuesday night's 1-0 Carling Cup victory over Fulham.
CROCKED Kilmarnock keeper Gordon Marshall hopes to get the all- clear to start training next month following a shoulder operation.
HEARTS boss Csaba Laszlo hopes several of his crocked stars will be back in training this week ahead of Saturday's home clash with St Mirren.
Hamann, filling in for the crocked England midfielder, was lucky to escape a straight red card after a horrific foul on Norwich's Damien Francis.
The crocked Celtic midfielder revealed how his life is ruled by fear and superstition.
A SCOTS MP has been crocked playing football in Bosnia.
ANGRY Gary Bollan has blasted claims he is crocked after being snubbed by Hearts because of fears over his fitness.