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cringe away from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cringed away from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
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cringe before (someone or something)

To shrink away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cringed before my dad when he caught me sneaking in after curfew.
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cringe away from someone or something

 and cringe from someone or something
to pull back or away from someone or something, as from fear. The child cringed away from the teacher. Why did you cringe away from the dentist's chair? The cat cringed from the fire. The child cringed from the huge dog.
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cringe before someone or something

to cower or recoil in the presence of someone or something. Jeff cringed before the wrath of the policeman.
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Death is dreadful and you have to treat it with the utmost respect but I cringed a little bit when somebody who probably didn't know what was going on.
I cringed at the way we were portrayed eating wedding cake.
Ms Wood said: "I'm sure many Lib Dems will have cringed when witnessing the love-in between David Cameron and Nick Clegg at the press conference in the garden of Number 10.
During the ITV show, Carol cringed as she was ribbed about her antics the night before.
When I saw the August 15 Summer Sex Issue, I cringed inside and immediately thought of an old episode of Ellen where she asks a newsstand owner for the latest issue of The Advocate and he directs her to the pornography section.
Ryan Thacher sat on a grass enbankment at Thacher School in Ojai and the Harvard-Westlake of Studio City standout cringed as he watched Daniel Moss on the tennis court below.
I cringed a little when I wrote a nonrefundable check for the trip.
I greatly enjoyed and mostly concurred with Jeremy Rifkin's comparison of the American quality of life versus the European ("Learning from Europe," cover story, March/April 2005), but I cringed when I read that ".
I cringed at the amount of fear that has been spread about the Middle East and Muslims by these so-called "scholars.
The hamlet saw both the guerrillas and the Bolivian army pass through town 37 years ago, just before Che's capture and execution nearby Che was a communist and an idealist, and he would likely have cringed at having his face marketed on T-shirts around the globe.
Banished from the world of the dead, powerfully built and Beckettian Jordi Cortes Molina cringed, contorted, stuttered, and bleated in an effort to define loneliness versus aloneness.
But I cringed when Ralph Nader and Russell Mokhiber, just five pages apart, both said that societies "rot from the top down.